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Cats bring back prey to their human owners to train them. True or False? — 22 Comments

  1. Walt and Jo bring us presents of mice, I think they’ve given up on us going out trying to catch our own lol
    But they don’t share their moths or other insects they catch outside on the window ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I am scared to death of cockroaches.I dont have no roaches in my house,but now I am afraid one will go outside and find one to bring me.We had great big ones where I grew up and I cant imagine my cats eating one of those creepy things.

    • You are not alone is hating cockroaches. When I visited Beijing, China in the 1970s we stayed in a nice flat. In the morning when we opened the kitchen cupboards hundreds of cockroaches swarmed out ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

      • I would have had a heart attack!
        They were, probably, what we call a german roach, smallish, brown, and quick.
        They are nasty and can invade any container that’s not metal. They leave droppings everywhere and egg sacs.
        They are very hard to get rid of once they have made their home.

  3. My previous cat Holly often used to bring in prey, both dead and alive, but she never presented them to me. The dead ones were stored under the bed and the lives ones she just wanted to play with.

    Perhaps she was bringing them into her secure, “core” territory to remove the risk of them being stolen by rivals or getting away?

    Sophie (like Holly) loved playing fetch and many a time when we lived in Cyprus, she would bring me a live cockroach in the hope I would throw it for her to chase. She even woke me up at 4am one morning by dropping a cockroach on the bed.

      • Dee, these were huge cockroaches like the ones found in Florida.

        I’d never encountered a cockroach before and didn’t know they could fly, until Merlin and Sophie started chasing one through the apartment.

        They made my flesh crawl, but Sophie loved popping them in her mouth like a sweetie and would growl if you tried to take them from her.

        • Those roaches sound like what we call Palmetto Bugs. They’re horrible, huge, and will fly directly at you.
          They, also, have the ability to sort of flatten themselves and slip into homes under doors.

          They’re common in Florida. But, I think that I have had a rare 3 in the past 20 years. They can be brought in by many ways, but one is paper bags or boxes. They love them and are experts at hiding in the folds.

          • Dee, I’ve looked at photos on-line and it was the American cockroach we had in Cyprus.

            I rememer one day some work men were checking a blocked sewer and when they removed the manhole cover, a river of cockroaches came climbing out of the drain. It was like a scene from that film “The Mummy”.

            • I only hope that you don’t have an infestation.
              I’ve never wanted to kill anything in my life but these. When I was a teen, one fell from the ceiling onto my face.
              The few that I’ve had didn’t stand a chance here. I didn’t eat or sleep until they were gone. I know that they aren’t harmful, but they scare the hell out of me when they fly at me.

              • Dee, I’m no longer living in Cyprus and have been back in the UK for a few years.

                Although there are cockroaches in the UK they’re much smaller. Thankfully I’ve never seen one and hope not to either.

  4. I think that we want to believe that our cats are bringing us presents when they bring their prey to our doorstep. It’s a sweet thought.
    But, I have to agree that I believe that their offering is some sort of teaching method for us dumb, but necessary, humans.

    • It’s a sweet thought that you encourage the torture and suffering of other animals? How nice of you. And completely reveals your true ugly-to-the-core self.

      • Gary, if you need a target for your anger, may I suggest that you re-direct it towards the Cypriot authorities.

        Up to ten million songbirds are killed every year on the island of Cyprus and in other Mediterranean countries in order to supply upscale restaurants with a traditional Cypriot โ€œdelicacyโ€ called ambelopoulia. Migrating birds are illegally and cruelly trapped using lime sticks and the poor birds become stuck to the glue. They are then boiled or pickled and sold at extortionate prices in local restaurants. All of this is illegal, but the authorities are corrupt and turn a blind eye.

        I believe they definitely fit your description of “disgusting and reprehensible inhumane values.”

        • How does it feel to justify torturing native wildlife to death with your values just because others do it? They probably justify it the very same way that you do it. Feels all comfy and snugly just because others do it, doesn’t it.

          The depths of your own heinous inhumane self-deception runs deep. You refuse to look in that all-revealing mirror no matter how much someone tries to show it to you. Then you wonder why everyone else who actually cares about the planet and all the native wildlife on it realizes there’s absolutely NO other option but to destroy every last one of your free-roaming invasive-species cats for you. You won’t change destroying all life on earth with your cats, so everyone else must now stop your cats in any way possible. You prove that 100% with every last post that you make on the topic.

          Keep on deceiving yourselves. It only means more millions of cats die every month due to your OWN values in life. Your choice, your fault. Make NO mistake about that.

          • Gary why don’t you stop ranting away showing the world how biased you are and how much you hate cats? You talk about torturing native wildlife yet humans (you too I am sure) torture wildlife far more than domestic cats. Think sport hunting and private zoos with wild cats in small cages. Think about the billion dollar international trade in wildlife you idiot. You are a nasty biased sh*t. You’re banned.

          • Gary your posts made it clear that you hate cats, but your latest rant made me realise that you don’t genuinely care about birds or wildlife either. You only pretend to care because it gives you an excuse to vent your anger towards cats.

            The entire population of cats living in Cyprus, Malta and Greece combined, could not physically kill the millions of birds that a handful of human hunters do in a matter of months each year. Yet you are so consumed with your hatred for cats that you are blind to that fact.

          • Jim, unless you are vegetarian, how can you justify the torture and slaughter of animals that grace your plates?
            Do you consume the quail, chicken, or turkey birds?

    • Why don’t you just go to pet-stores and buy canaries and hamsters to throw at your cats so they can rip them to shreds for their “play toys”. Is the only reason you don’t do that is because it is more expensive than using free native wildlife for your disgusting and reprehensible inhumane values?

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