Sad cat because his brother passed away yesterday

Sad cat because his brother passed away yesterday

This is Percy. He looks sad. He really does and I am not projecting my thoughts onto him and pretending. A cat’s facial expressions are often very subtle and not obvious hence the inscrutable, enigmatic appearance. But there are a lot of stories of domestic cats showing their emotions when losing a cat friend or in this case a close relative. I’ll guess and say that Percy probably lived with his brother all his life. He will miss him badly. He’ll be confused and upset. And like people he’ll get over it in time. I feel sad for Percy. I feel sad partly for myself because I am in the process of losing a person who I love and who is killing herself slowly with alcohol addiction. It is painful to be a bystander only able to look in and do nothing. You can’t stop an alcoholic when they want to drink. If you try you’ll be in trouble with the alcoholic and the law.

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