Cat’s bum contains an image of Jack Skellington

This is a slightly delicate but interesting matter. The anus of Stacy’s cat looks like Jack Skellington’s face! Yes, it does. We are not imagining it 🙂 .

Cats backside looks like Jack Skellington
Cats backside looks like Jack Skellington. Picture of the cat: Kennedy News and Media.
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So who is Jack Skellington? He’s a character in the 1993 film The Nightmare before Christmas. He’s called the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town. This is a fantasy world and Jack looks like a fantasy character.

And who is Stacy? She is Stacy Hallam from Newark in Nottingham, UK. The cat is Noodle. And the doppelgänger is under her tail!

Stacy did well to get the photo although it could have been a bit sharper. Sorry I am being picky which I shouldn’t be because it is tricky to get a nice photo of your cat at the best of times. And she couldn’t use a tease because she was focusing on the rear end.

Stacy. Photo: Kennedy News and Media.

The cat she is holding is a new cat, Millie.

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