Cats can be terrified of unknown objects even when they’ve seen them before under different circumstances

  • The truth is that domestic cats can be terrified of unknown objects.
  • Objects that they know well because they’ve seen them before under different circumstances can still terrify cats because they become strange, potentially dangerous objects under circumstances not encountered before.
  • Common objects such as a cat coat brush in this instance can be perceived by a cat as a dangerous, unknown threat requiring a rapid retreat at all costs when left lying on the floor! That’s what we see in the video.
  • In the video the brush was ‘activated’ by the second cat which animated it which in turn made it appear to be a living creature to the cat that was frightened.
  • A creature to be avoided.
  • The typical ‘scary’ object is a cucumber placed on the floor behind the cat so they can’t see it happening but any strange object can elicit the same terrified behavior depending on the cat’ personality.
  • In the video the cat who prodded the brush is not scared while the other can’t get away fast enough. Different characters, different reactions.
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Video showing terrified cat. I feel sorry them.

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