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I really can’t understand why some people make such a big deal out of cats claws.

Someone goes out and gets a new puppy, they don’t immediately worry that the puppy has claws. They accept the fact that for all of that dog’s life they will need to take him for walks on hard surfaces to keep his nails in good shape, or that they will need to trim them regularly instead.

The puppy may leap excitedly about and accidentally scratch with his claws, but no one whips him off to the vets to have his finger/toe ends removed to be rid of those ‘nasty’ claws.

Dogs need their claws to walk as dogs walk and cats need their claws to walk as cats walk !

But cats need their claws for many other things too, exercise, grooming, playing, climbing, self defence.

So why focus so much on what to do about a new kitten’s claws ? How very easy to go out and buy scratching posts and pads in preparation for bringing that kitten home and to show him how to use them. How very easy to ask at the vets when the kitten goes for his inoculations, how to trim his claws.

If declawing was illegal world wide there would be no option for people but to do that, if they wanted the pleasure of a cat in their lives.

So everyone should focus on the fact that claws are as much an essential and beautiful part of a cat are as his whiskers, his ears, his tail etc.

Everyone needs to stop making such a big deal out of the fact that cats have claws. They also need to remember that it’s not compulsory to have a cat and that it’s not fair on the cat if he can’t be accepted as he comes, claws and all !

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Sep 03, 2011 I don’t understand………
by: Leah England

I just can’t get my head around any of it to be honest. Tail docking has also been banned in the UK because it is considered an unnecessary procedure. Some considered it benefited dogs with long waggy tails because the tails may become damaged well I say if that happened then action would have to be taken then and only then not before and its the same with cats claws; if a claw becomes damaged or diseased then it might have to be amputated but not as a precaution!

A couple of people on here made really valid points which I agree with in that selfish owners just try to adapt a cat into a creature that fits better into their lifestyle. I’ve read about horrific instances of people treating cats like dogs by tying them to a tree and leaving them there, cats tied up and left in a basement because they scratched someone and they said were naughty so would have to be punished!

All I can say is no animal deserves to be punished for natural behaviour. Some people really don’t understand how to enjoy a cat, they don’t see all the elegance, grace and natural beauty (of which claws are an essential part of)they don’t realise that if you love, respect and learn all about what makes him tick you will have a loving companion for life.

Sadly some people get a cat and don’t understand anything about them. I beg of anyone please read up on how to interact with your cat, how to teach him right from wrong. If you punish your cat all you’ll get is a sad, cowering, frightened creature . Cats don’t and never will respond to punishment , they respond to love and understanding. Please don’t de-claw you cat or kitten this is punishment for being a cat and Linda is right they will hurt for ever.

Thanks Ruth for another informative article I just hope people read it and understand.

Sep 02, 2011 Why don’t ignorant people ask?
by: Anonymous

Declawing kittens is done for selfish ignorant owners by cold hearted money grabbing vets.
I wonder if declawing was offered when pups are booked in for neutering/spaying how many clients would take up the offer?
Not many I’d vouch because dog owners would ask what it meant and how it would affect the dog’s life.
So why on earth don’t cat owners ask the same question?

Sep 01, 2011 Claws
by: Rose

Yes some people talk about cats claws and scratching as if they are lethal weapons and not the neat little miracles of nature that they truly are.
This concept has to be changed!
I agree that cats are treated as second class citizens to dogs and that is largely down to the vets who encourage the declawing of cats even though they know full well it is a painful crippling irreversible operation.
Shame on them,they are animal ABUSERS no different to any other animal abuser except that their abuse is legal.

Sep 01, 2011 Paws or Stumps
by: Linda

Thanks to people like Ruth who are trying to educate the public about cats and their beautiful claws, we will someday see declawing become not only illegal, but a very shameful part of history. The claws of a cat are a gift of nature. The stoic nature of a cat is very misunderstood by cat owners who tell me that within a few days, their cats were just fine after their mutilation (declawing). It is impossible to chop of the toes of a feline and expect nothing less than excruciating pain for weeks and even months, and then the deterioration of its body slowly wasting away to pain and weakness from the complete shift in weight. The cat will never let you know how much pain it is in because to do so is a sign of weakness to an animal whose instinct knows that weakness would be a sure victory for its predators. In the case of declawing, the cat’s biggest predator and enemy is first the vet who will so easily change his paws to stumps, and then the prideful owner who has put all value on material possessions. The saddest part is that declawing an indoor cat is NOT necessary. Cats are very smart and can be easily trained to scratch on a post. A large cat tree is ideal. Future cat owners know right now in their mind whether or not they will declaw a cat before they even bring it into their front door. I would appeal to those who are convinced that it is their only option, to please reconsider your choice of pet. Cats are not for you and you are not for cats.

Sep 01, 2011 Wickedness
by: Barbara

I totally agree Ruth, declawing cats is cruel and unnecessary. The trouble is that in this world people think they are entitled to anything and everything they desire, selfish want and greed makes them think that they have the right to take a cat and adapt it to fit in with their other possessions, they worship material goods and can’t bear the thought that a living creature would damage their precious wordly goods. So the beautiful sentient creature must be made to undergo ten terribly painful amputations to protect the goods and chattels that these people worship so much, and I include in that their own skins. It’s nothing short of wickedness, which in right thinking countries and cities is banned.

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Sep 01, 2011 Hi Ruth
by: Michael

Yes, I have always felt the same way. Why are dogs treated better than cats? People devocalise dogs but only 8% of people agree with it whereas more than 50% of people agree with declawing cats.

I think this prejudice comes from a fear of cats. Cats are independent. They do as they please.

Dogs are obedient and follow their master, the human.

It is the single minded independence of cats that puts a bit of fear into cat owners so they declaw to protect themselves.

It is feeble human behavior but human behavior nonetheless.

Thanks for the interesting thoughts.

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