Cat’s Close Friendship With Bearded Dragon

This is an unlikely cat photograph. A ginger tabby snuggled up to a bearded dragon lizard. I have seen several unlikely cat relationships with other species but this is one of the most unusual. And I love to see it. There is something special about interspecies friendships. Dogs and cats sleeping together are common but lizards and cats definitely not. Unfortunately, I don’t have details about this beautiful relationship. I’d love to hear from the owners.

Cat's close friendship with a bearded dragon lizard
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Cat’s close friendship with a bearded dragon lizard. Photo by the owners of these pets.

The bearded dragon is one of 9 species in the genus Pogona. They live in the wild in Australia. They are popular pets in the US. I am guessing that this photo was taken in the US and these two have formed a close friendship as pets. The bearded dragon produces a mild venom which is effective against small animals. I not sure how this affects the keeping of the lizard as a pet who is friendly with a cat.

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