Cats, dogs and pigs feed on Russian soldiers

The Ukrainian war news today includes something very grim and indeed very sad for many but not all observers. Ukrainian fighters are sharing footage of cats and dogs eating dead Russian soldiers. News media is referring to a gruesome clip which was shared on the Cargo 200 Telegram channel in which Ukrainians have posted images of domestic animals eating Russians in a bid to terrify the enemy.

Abandoned cat in Donetsk region, Ukraine during the war
Abandoned cat in Donetsk region, Ukraine during the war. Image: Network for Animals.
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In one clip a brown and white cat is biting at the remains of a Russian soldier. A dog joins the cat and starts to pick at the remains.

In an illustration of how hated Russians have become by many (all?) people in the West, one person commented: “Poor Kitty, didn’t she get poisoned by this s**t?”

And another said something similar: “Get the cat to the vet, it can get poisoned by this muck”.

And there are other images and I guess video (I have not seen them) on the Telegram channel showing pigs feeding on what appears to be a dead Russian army captain.

That’s the current news from the Ukrainian war. The story is illustrative of the ghastliness of this war, a war of Putin’s making. It is also illustrative of the agonies that many animals are going through in Ukraine.

I don’t think I can show the pixelated image from the Daily Express in case Google objects so please click on the link below to see the image:

Please click the link below to see the image

Dog eats Russian soldier’s remains

I am referring to domestic animals, mainly pets but also zoo animals, livestock and horses (click link for a story about horses). Many cats and dogs and other domestic animals are starving. Many zoo animals have been killed. Not long ago I wrote an article about the catastrophic death toll of animals in Ukraine because of the war. There were an estimated 300,000 animals killed because of the war at that time, about a month ago. No doubt that death toll has risen sharply since.

300,000 – the number of animals killed by Russia in Ukraine so far

We must think of the pets left behind by many Ukrainians who escaped to the West. Many probably starved death and some end up feeding on dead people lying in the street. It is truly shocking. We need to think of the innocent animals surrounded by warring humans.

You must have read that in response to the successful partial destruction of Putin’s treasured Kerch bridge from mainland Russia to Crimea, he decided to send in cruise missiles to destroy civilian facilities and accommodation. One cruise missile landed near a school children’s playground for example in Kyiv.

Putin apparently is targeting energy producing facilities such as substations in order to disrupt the lifestyle of Ukrainian civilians to try and depress morale, but the opposite appears to be the case. The Ukrainians are showing increased resolve against the barbarism of the Russian forces at the direction of Putin.

The recommendation in Ukraine is to remain in shelters and there has been a mass movement by the residents of Kyiv who now spend the day in underground railways. What about the pet cats and dogs under these circumstances?

I wonder how they cope. You’ve got a cat or dog sitting with you in an underground station for very long periods. They have to feed and go to the toilet as humans have. It must be pretty grim and very difficult to adequately control cats and dogs under the circumstances. Perhaps it’s a minor point in comparison to cats and dogs eating Russian soldiers but it is a very major point when Putin orders the targeting of Ukrainian civilians. More war crimes. He is painting himself into a corner.

Animal rescuing Ukraine soldier finds pile of puppies protecting kittens during the war

Picture of a boy holding his cat in front of his destroyed home in Ukraine

Below the devil speaks. He is a Russian who believes that Ukrainians who want to live in a democratic country are possessed by the devil.

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3 thoughts on “Cats, dogs and pigs feed on Russian soldiers”

  1. Putin’s big nukes are cold war era and it’s possible if he sets one off it’ll blow and nuke Russia. I read the nukes Putin has claimed he has he really doesn’t. I know Tuesday NATO sent 30 warships to the Baltic and it would be suicide for Putin/Russia because any nuke Putin sets off is libel to be taken out within seconds and go off over Russia. NATO is not messing around.

  2. I have seen pictures of dead Russian’s rotting after they leave an area and have seen pics of dogs feeding on them. Russian’s do not take their dead. Ukraine has hundreds of truck reefers holding dead Russian’s but Russia doesn’t want them. I know Ukraine is writing names down of Russian soldiers if they have ID on them and posting them for Russian families. I don’t know why Russia drags around those mobile crematorium’s when they’re not using them. Ukraine already had a stray dog and cat problems but the war has made it even worse.

    1. The Russians have behaved appalling towards their own dead and in many other ways. Apparently, the troops are often drunk which may explain some of their atrocities. It doesn’t help their fighting abilities either! My God this war is horrendous. It is poisoning the entire planet. And I think it will get worse as Putin paints himself into a corner where he has one way out: a large number of tactical nuclear bombs which will result in WW3 as the US and NATO will join the fight is that happens.

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