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Cats Don’t Feel Embarrassment — 17 Comments

  1. Embarrassment?
    Like, R. Not a chance, since we have all seen everything there is to know about each other physically.
    Don’t tell anyone…
    But I’m more curious than they are.
    I inspect the litter box. They never inspect the commode.
    I check their bums for tapeworms. They never inspect my bum.
    They don’t shy away when they spay the curtains. They don’t care if I’ve dribbled in my drawers.

    No such thing as being embarrassed here.

    • lol Dee you do make me laugh.
      It’s true though that cats don’t care about our bums or anything, they see us at our worst in our own home and if we love them they love us unconditionally too.
      We would do well to take a lesson from cats in that our outward appearance doesn’t really matter at all, it’s how kind and compassionate a person is that counts, it’s how good they are inside!

  2. I love everything about cats, including their honesty and straightforwardness. What you see is what you get and if a cat wants to stick his leg in the air and wash his bum in company, he does just that lol without any embarrassment.
    What upsets me is how they hide pain from those who love them, but this is so deeply engrained from their wild days, I can understand they do it to protect themselves.
    Our cats know to show us they are unwell will result in a trip to the vets so they’d rather suffer as long as they can, yet once they have admitted they need to go, they accept it.
    There is so much we don’t know about cats and I LOVE their air of mystery and no one will EVER find out all there is to know about them.

  3. SoDear Michael,in the end you were intentionally un-in-barr-a__ed? LOL-Just funning a bit & swishing my cat Tales_Eva

  4. OK whats Chagrin, Clever People? We all make mistakes Michael. I guess they prob dont. I’m not sure as haven’t seen it. They prob just really get on with it.

  5. Embarrassment? More like chagrin.

    To the end of his days my boy was fastidious – he always used his litter box. But one morning, a few weeks before he left me, I was in the next room when I heard a sound. He’d just been using his box and caught his leg when he tried to jump out. He lost his footing and fell to the floor. I rushed into the kitchen and saw him lying on his side, momentarily stunned. I lifted him up and held him all morning, trying to comfort him.

    How could anyone bear to let their cat fall repeatedly in its old age? Once is enough.

    Was he embarrassed? It wasn’t that. But he had a helpless old man’s look of shame as he lay there, as if he remembered when he was young.

    I could ill afford it, but would pay $10,000 if I could have back my boy and girl for one day.

    • Nice story, tender story, Sylvia Ann. Personally I don’t believe cats feel chagrin either. They just get on with it. Perhaps you projected your chagrin onto him. I think people tend to do that with their kids and our cats are our kids a lot of the time.

  6. I happen to believe animals, especially cats, dogs, and horse are completely capable of feeling the same basic emotions as we do. Too many accounts to list!

    • I agree, Cass, that they do feel a lot of the emotions and are capable of feeling emotions but perhaps the emotion of embarrassment depends on what we feel is a standard of performance expected of us and cats don’t have that expectation of performance from others and therefore don’t need to become embarrassed.

      • Well, one of my friends had a Persian that was TOTALLY embarrassed every time she had to have his fur clipped – of course it was a “lion” cut… he hid anytime visitors came!

  7. Well-I can’t speak for other cats, but if one of my four main coons is standing on her hind legs for me or any other cute trick and my husband walks in the room-they stop being cute and act as if they have been caught with mommy tricks and baby talk-Yes I am over 50-so I am quite capable of engaging in the art* However-they have no qualms about displays of the backside variety at all ! lol

    • I guess I am guessing about whether cats feel embarrassment or not. There is still a lot for us to learn about cats and animals. I just think that cats are more pragmatic than us. The silly things that bother us don’t bother cats. There is a lot of human emotional baggage surrounding and burdening humankind; cats don’t have those hangups.

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