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Cats don’t sleep 16 hours per day — 8 Comments

  1. I believe this to be true…though they do take lounging around seriously. As an interesting observation, Marvin who has lived outside most of his life has rapid moving ears constantly when he is napping. He finds it uncomfortable to nap in the house when there is activity. He just cannot settle down unless you sit quietly with him. He prefers the gentle sounds of birds and familiar hum of activity in the neighborhood. Bigfoot on the other hand. Who is comfy in his bed can be startled from a deep sleep, never hearing the sound of you approaching. I’d say that conditions dictate the amount of rest they get.


    cat snoozing

    • Marvin….rapid moving ears constantly when he is napping

      Perhaps Marvin is more alert because of his background. When a cat is asleep he is vulnerable. You wonder how much sleep stray cats get. Maybe not enough and perhaps this has an impact on their lifespan.

      Nice picture of Bigfoot. I turned it the right way up 😉

      • Michael I’ve often thought this about Strays and Ferals Can they ever really feel safe enough to sleep properly? Its so sad to think that they probably just ‘cat nap’ and if so what long term effect does this have on them?
        When I see my own cats in a deep sleep I feel thankful that they feel safe enough to be able to do that. I love to see them asleep I know I shoudn’t but sometimes I can’t resist kissing the top of a furry head and the subsequent response is usually something like a chirrup or in Ozzies case a deep’mmmm’.

        • Yes, feral cats are very vulnerable when asleep. They’ve got the radar on the go all the time. They have to remain alert. The idea that cats sleep for very long periods is another misconception in my opinion like the the idea that cats are aloof, when they are not.

  2. I think a lot of cats curl up and try to sleep because of boredom! The ones who belong to people who don’t give them much attention and say ‘Cats like to sleep a lot’ that is.
    Walter and Jozef do catnap through the day, especially if it’s bad weather outside, but they are quietly watching to see if we are busy and wondering if they can persuade us to have some fun and games. They only have to ask lol and their wish is our command.
    They both come to bed with us around 10pm and settle down for a few hours but neither of them sleep all night, they wander around and look out of the windows and have a snack, they know whoevers turn it is won’t get up before around 5.30am.
    I often say to them what a pity it is that cats can’t read, a good book can make hours fly by.

    • I wrote as a serious article but tongue in cheek. It is based on my observations. You seem to be agreeing with me.

      As you say, cats do curl up because they are fed (no need to hunt) and warm etc. Their ears prick up at the slightest sound. They can’t be asleep. They just have their eyes shut, resting.

  3. Monty sleeps about the same amount of time we do or a little less. He sleeps when we do at night, a genuine deep sleep, and a little during the day. I will take a nap during the day when I can get one. We get up very early. If I’m home and Monty plays outside all day he will sleep later the following morning. A very busy day tuckers him out, but if he’s here alone a lot he rests more and isn’t as active. He certainly is not sleeping 16 hours per day. If he sleeps more during the day he is up more at night. We trained him to be less nocturnal by putting him by himself in his room every night for the first year or so of his life. With no stimulation and nothing to do he learned to go to sleep when we do and get up in the morning. One difference though– unless he was very active during the previous day he gets up at three. He seldom spends the night in his room now although sometimes he will ask to be put to bed in his room. My husband goes in and pets him and plays with him before closing the door, so maybe Monty misses that ritual. Or maybe our snoring keeps him up. He sleeps under our bed usually, but recently he slept on the bed most of the night, a first for him. Initially he would only sleep in his little tent bed, under our bed, under the desk, under the futon– he sought cover before going to sleep. He is getting more like a normal house cat and less like the feral cat he was. But he has never slept more than six to eight hours a day unless he gets very tired from playing outside or helping me around the house all day long. Then, just like us after a very busy dsy, he requires a little more sleep.

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