Cat’s Ear (photo)

This is meant to be a bit abstract to make us look at the amazing anatomy of the domestic cat and think it is impressive and beautiful. The original image was edited a bit but not much.

The picture reminds of a fir tree at Christmas, funnily enough, which is timely as Christmas is about 6 weeks away or less.

Gabriel has what cat breeders call “ear furnishings”. I hate that phrase because it connotes an inanimate object. Cats’ ear’s always have lots of fur inside the ear flap. That must be an evolutionary feature to protect against dirt etc. getting into the ear.

It serves no real purpose for the domestic cat in the 21st century. Did you know that some medicines can be applied by rubbing it into the skin of the ear flap where it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream?

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7 thoughts on “Cat’s Ear (photo)”

  1. lol when this popped into my inbox I just knew whose ear it was going to be!
    It’s a beautiful photo of a fascinating ear and a very important part of every cat.
    We are getting to know dear little Gabriel bit by bit and I’m loving it 🙂

  2. Michael, you have me actually laughing my butt off. You are definitely a man in love. I know we all love cats, but there is nothing quite like when there is a special one that has come into our lives, and we start realizing they have worked their way completely into our heart. And they are not going anywhere. They are home.


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