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Cats exhibit 4 play patterns — 4 Comments

  1. So what do you call coming home to several hundred feet of weed whacker line that was pilfered from the hall shelf wrapped around everything in the living room when I came in the door. I know who it was. Little miss too smart for her own good.

    • 🙂 The only applicable play type would be mouse-pounce and in this case the weed whacker line (not sure what that is) is the prey! Destructive little blighters aren’t they?

      • It’s the plastic line that you use in weed eaters. I rewind my own spools so the big roll sits in the hall. Something to do while watching a movie. Lots of cat help involved.
        I don’t call their play destructive instead I have a creative genius in the house.
        We use all forms of play here. And I have one cat who is an absolute nut for playing games on my tablet.

        • I had never heard the phrase ‘weed eater’ before. I see it is a business making gardening tools. Do you call them ‘strimmers’? I have one but the plastic line has never broken and I have no replacement. Is the spool used to replace broken ones?

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