Cat’s extreme reaction to tin foil on kitchen counter (video)

Cat's extreme reaction to tin foil
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Cat’s extreme reaction to tin foil


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Comment: (1) not all domestic cats will respond in the same way but (2) tin foil is one of those known cat deterrents for counter tops but (3) why do it? You’re frightening your cat. Your objective in your relationship with your cat is the exact opposite. I am one of those who don’t mind my cat going on the kitchen counter and I am still alive. I have never caught a disease from my cat. For me, and I know this very personal, cat owners can tend to be a squeamish about cats and kitchen counter tops. I think if people are concerned about getting diseases from other creatures they should focus more on other humans. I am sure humans are more hazardous than cats in respect of disease transmission. In fact it is obvious because we are the same species and most diseases don’t cross the species barrier i.e. are not zoonotic. Perhaps people are scared of zoonotic diseases but it is relatively rare for a person to contract a disease from a domestic cat.


Notice that the cat who appears to be a tortie-and-white and therefore female touches the edge of the foil and it bends. The cat is used to the counter top being solid and of a certain texture and colour. When she jumped into the tin foil and touches it she suddently encountered the unexpected which triggered an immediate response of caution. She jumps off. The dramatic jump off looks startling to us but to her it was mundane. She just jumped off because something strange and potentially dangerous was on the counter. It is the distance that she travels in reverse which makes it impressive.

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