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Cats get depressed over many of the same things we do — 20 Comments

      • I love being on the floor with our boyz, the problem now is getting up again lol
        One day I couldn’t make it when there was a knock at the door so I crept along to open it still having hold of a red tickling stick, the look on the postman’s face was priceless lol

  1. When Red died Lilly was affected just the same as me – we both moped around really depressed and unmotivated. It was awful for about a month and Gig and Molly were little kittens and they were very confused by the whole thing since Red died about 2 weeks after they arrived. To be honest I don’t remember much of that month except being very sad and empty, with Lilly feeling the same right next to me, until I was forced out of it with a trip to England with my job.

    Moving ahead – now Gigi seems depressed at times. In the last month I’ve really put extra time and energy into the issue and she is seeming a little better. She has been enthusiastic about playing – she is chasing the other two and being chased so they are having fun and being cats which is a great relief for me. I hope this 10 days away won’t tip the balance in the wrong direction though.

    • I’m sure Gigi will be overjoyed to see you back home Marc, although sometimes cats like to pretend they haven’t missed you, to teach you the lesson ‘Don’t go away again’

    • Marc, as you know it can be a bit tricky assessing depression in cats. We have had this discussion before. If she is eating well but simply inactive or uninterested it may not depression. I trust your assessment and if you feel it is depression then you are probably right. It is just a bit tricky to assess it cleanly.

  2. I think it’s sad when a depressed person shoos her cat away because cats are a far better anti depressant than any doctor’s medication.
    Cats do get sad when we do and if we don’t cheer up they don’t either and I think if a person puts effort into appearing happy then they gradually find they really are happier and on the road to recovery instead of sinking further into sadness.
    I loved seeing Charlie playing, poor Jozef had a tummy upset this morning and Walter was a naughty boy kicking a man when he was down but all is well now, Jo is better and peace is restored

  3. Great video of Charlie! What fun to see him with his squeaky mouse! What a happy handsome boy. A nice ending to a story on depression.

    • Sorry about the topic but I struggled to find one today and it seemed like a decent topic because at Christmas people can be lonely and depressed especially older people some of them with cats.

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