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Cats get less presents than dogs over Christmas. It’s unfair. — 3 Comments

  1. Monty gets a present every year. He loves Christmas and gets really into it, behaving like a kitten again, if only for a short time. One year I did not get a gift for him thinking that if I just balled up some wrapping paper he would chase it. I thought he would not know the difference. But he did seem to know there was nothing for him and he was sad! Maybe I am anthropomorphizing him, but he sure seemed to know Santa had missed him that year. His first Christmas he got his stuffed Doggie, a large stuffed dog intended for a child. He loves it still and drags it around. This year he got some toys from a woman where I work who follows the Monty Chronicles on Facebook. He absolutely loved his gift and did not even mind that my mother joined us for Christmas this year.

  2. Our cats get gifts all year long. We’re going to remove some old cupboards between rooms here and put I a solid wall When it’s being framed up we plan on adding extra studding and having the person we hire help us plan a whole wall cat tree center. We’ll end up with at least an 8×8 by 1 1/2 foot deep place just for them. It looks to be cheaper and more efficient. As to gifts. Most of us that love our cats indulge them on a daily basis.

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