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Cats Getting Lyme Disease from Deer Ticks — 5 Comments

  1. Very grateful that this isn’t a huge problem here.
    Not so many deer; some in the national forest. But rarely here.

  2. Actually Lyme Disease has been prevalent in Europe for a LONG time. It is extremely serious.

    I contracted Lyme Disease in 1989 while accompanying my horse vet on rounds. Our county was ripe with ticks carrying the bacteria (spirochete) and I was extremely careful, but this day I guess I was not aware of a tick that glued itself to my belly.

    I became sick with a “flu” like illness several days later, but gave it little thought. I developed the bulls-eye rash and while the symptoms abated- I was left confused, memory shot, and very upset.

    It took over two years for me to be diagnosed. My horse vet actually was the one who diagnosed me using one of his horse “tests” and let me know that I was majorly positive.

    But its not only deer that carry the ticks. White footed mice and birds also carry them. Not all ticks are infected with the spirochete, but those that are are extremely dangerous.

    There is a vaccine for dogs- (don’t know much about its effectiveness) but there is no vaccine for cats. There was but it turned out not to work and caused major side-effect in cats. It was removed from the market.

    Not only can Lyme cause the problems that Michael listed, it can cause serious heart conditions, and major emotional problems.

    There is no vaccine for humans either.

    • Thank you Jo for your added, valuable, information on this nasty disease. I wrote the post because I have a feeling that it is under appreciated. I’m sorry to hear that you contracted Lyme disease yourself. That must have been nasty. I think it can be difficult to diagnose in cats because the symptoms are rather generalised and extensive.

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