Cats Getting Water

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Cats like fresh water. Water fountains are good for that provided they are cleaned regularly. We see a lot of cats drinking from taps. I guess the water is fresher and colder. Do cats prefer cold water? I am not sure. Should cats drink softened water? Click this link to read a discussion on that. And following on from that there appears to be a link between hard water and urinary tract crystals.

Does the water make your cat sick? Another discussion.

Searching for water might make cats keener to drink it. We know how bad domestic cats are at drinking adequate amounts of water when eating dry cat food.

Click on this link to see different styles of cats drinking water.

Click on this link for a discussion on how long a cat can survive without drinking water.

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1 thought on “Cats Getting Water”

  1. i make sure my cats water is checked & cleaned often. n the winter they like lukewarm water & n the summer they like it cold. sometimes they wont drink it till i put refrigerated water n it or ice cubes…silly kitties! its funny tho cuz thats how i am too: lukewarm n the fall/winter & cold n the spring/summer. guess we were made for each other then! ๐Ÿ™‚

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