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Cats Go Completely Bonkers After Pooping? I’ve Never Seen It — 14 Comments

  1. We’ve known many of our cats display ‘poophoria’ or even ‘peehoria’ after using the litter.

    We call it the ‘litter skitter’ – definitely has an air of ‘ooh! that feels better’ but I wouldn’t describe it as the ‘crazies’

    Sometimes one litter skittering cat will skitter about in front of the other cat, to ellicit some play chasing.

  2. Yes it’s true in the case of Tiger Lily who lives with me. She was a very timid cat when she first arrived a few good years back. She is now totally at ease and herself around me. Which now includes her dashing about like a maniac after she’s used the litter tray. She has a look of absolute ecstasy on her face as she hurtles up and down the stairs. I thought this only happened when she pooped but weirdly it’s also after she wee’s too(and there’s even more dashing around after a wee than a poo). I liken this behaviour to the same reaction she has to catnip. She appears perfectly comfortable behaving like this in front of me. It’s been happening for about 1 and a half years now and it doesn’t make any difference that I’m present watching and laughing.
    I also haven’t had any of my cats previously behave like this, a few dogs yes, but not cats.

  3. I’ve had 18 lifelong cats in the past 20 years. I’ve seen this noticeably in more than a few, and when I spy on them, they all tend to have a degree of “Poo-phoria”; they feel better afterward (like Sarah said, don’t we all?). Some show it more than others, but just because we can’t relate to the urge to go nuts and run around, doesn’t mean it’s abnormal cat behavior. Like I said, it’s a matter of degree. With some it could just be an extra bounce in their step. But I think there may be an inherited trait tied to it. Cats are careful to go when and where they won’t be disturbed (or caught off-guard). When they’re busy going, they’re vulnerable, and sometimes it takes a minute. So I sense that yes, they do have in their synapses somewhere a program that says “Run, you’ve been unable to long enough and it just may save your life.”. Remember, cats are prey animals too.

  4. Can I inject some biological sense into this? Some very basic physiological functions – eating, sex and defecating – have evolved to have a pleasurable payoff to ensure the organism eats, defecates and reproduces. To that end, there are lots of nerve endings in the body parts involved. When the rectum is emptied, a lot of nerve-endings are stimulated and there is a pleasure response (or, for those of a more delicate disposition, a feeling of well-being). Believe it or not, in medical literature, a good bowel movement should produce a feeling of “satisfaction.” I don’t know of any cats that have the crazies after pooping, but many seem to show an air of “that felt good” after a dump.

    • Thanks Sarah, we agree that sh*t*ing is pleasurable (to a certain extent!) but as you say, does it lead to the cat crazies? Is it that good a feeling? I have never seen it.

      • Sometimes you see a cat practically bounces out of the litter tray, but calling it “crazies” is an exaggeration! The crazies are probably coincidental – letting off steam during a time when cats are normally active (known as “chasing greeblings”.

        • I’ve seen Mitzy jump out quickly, rather than slowly. This seems to be her routine:
          a slow approach, and a quick exit. The only time I’ve seen her run is when she has a piece that’s still stuck on, so it’s a way to get it off. If I see this, I usually help out with a tissue, so it doesn’t end up on the floor.

  5. One of my Main Coons is very timid and private; she cannot get away from the litter pan quick enough. she also has a heart murmur and gets upset easily?
    When I know she is in the lavatory I move out of the room.


  6. I agree. I think that article was clickbait.

    Cats don’t like the way their poop smells? I’ve had cats and kittens who would play with the used litter and then take a nap in there. Just one more reason why I scoop as much as I can.

  7. I like your explanations, Michael, about hiding, play, the cat crazies, and competition for the litter box. Except for “poo-phoria” the rest sound crazy to me. I’ve lived with cats and kittens all my life and I have never seen that happen either.

    • I am pleased you have had the same experience as me on this one. It almost seems fabricated for the sake of writing an article.

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