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Cats Have Amazing Methods to Train their Guardians: Sleep Deprivation Methods Rank High — 12 Comments

  1. such a sweet story. our boys — the two 14 year olds and the 8 year old sleep through the night. they get up when mama gets up 🙂

    if they want before then – they don’t tell me about it, but wait until i get out of bed to make their ‘suggestions’ known.

  2. Thanks for a great story. Just have to love that Poe Boy. 🙂 I guess, because they are on such a tight schedule, the cats sleep through the night and only start bugging for their breakfast at around 7 A.M.. We only have the sleep problems when there are stray cats outside or the cosmic karma of the apartment is disrupted. >^.,.^<

  3. Interesting story! I never thought of it as my cat “training” me but thats definitely happening.

    My Gonzo is a devious little genius. He finds random bits of plastic or paper or whatever, anything that makes noise when chewed on. Then he places himself under my bed, directly under my pillow, and chews on that bit of garbage until I wake up. Doesnt matter how clean my apartment is, he ALWAYS finds something.

    I gave in forever ago and set an early alarm for feeding time, but occasionally I sleep in and Gonzo starts chewing.

  4. Hoomans. Not generally speaking the brightest bulbs in the chandelier compared to their feline superiors, but yes, with patience, diligence and love, they CAN be trained to obey simple commands 😉

  5. If you wake up and sense the cats near it is imperative to NOT move. Regulate your breathing and try and observe the room through half closed eyes.
    If you have to get up to pee you’re screwed. Feed the cats.

    • hahaha! I can relate to this! Mister Meow sings us the song of his people all…night …long. When I have had several sleepless nights the earplugs go in and the fan on…and the door is closed. I had to laugh at ME Kings comment about having to pee, because sometimes when I am awaken,I do have the need. I usually pee first, go to the kitchen, feed and then sprint back to bed!

  6. Jo (and Michael): Yes, cats can most certainly be trained. I am happy to see that all has worked out so far for Sir Edgar Allen Poe. Cats adjust to routine very well. When I had a daytime job, my *kids* (12 — all adopted/rescued), knew that there was absolutely no way Mommy was getting up in the middle of the night for food. In my 50+ years of living with kitties, I have actually NEVER had any try to get me up in the middle of the night for anything. Now, I have a night turn job, and am truly on “their” schedule, so when I am ready to sleep, they are ready to bed down as well. They all think I’m Mom Cat, generally listening to me whenever I need to verbally correct them. My Mother always said that I had a very special relationship with them. I must. . . I have always had well behaved kitties who dote on me endlessly — and I them! ♥♥♥

    • LOL Eva D. Ritchie! I think that Edgar Allen Poe is thinking more like “EVER MORE”- unless he learns that waking Dad up too early is NOT a wise idea.

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