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Cats Have Psi Trailing — 6 Comments

  1. It really is amazing what they can do they certainly have something! I asked my uncle who has Pigeons how they get back and he said that no one really knows they just do. Perhaps they have Psi as well as Ruth says? Who knows?

    • I don’t really believe in this sort of thing, extrasensory perception, but I’m not sure. Every day we learn new things about animals and their intelligence and abilities so we should keep open minds about it.

  2. What a very interesting article Michael, yes Psi trailing sounds very feasible! Cats are super intelligent and it’s amazing how they can find their way home.
    Do you think homing pigeons have Psi too? Their brains are tiny yet they fly many miles back to their home when set free.
    A person would be totally lost without sign posts if they were taken and left somewhere strange, miles from home.

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