Cats Have Psi Trailing

It is said that cats have “Psi Trailing”. Psi trailing appears to refer to the ability of a cat to find its way home over many miles without any apparent assistance. The domestic cat can also find a new home that their owner has moved to, which may be many miles away, even though the cat had no idea where the new home was. In other words, when a cat is Psi trailing he is using his extrasensory perception to locate his owner and his home.

Psi trailing cat

Psi trailing cat. Photo of cat by Caroline and photo of earth’s magnetic field: Wikimedia Commons.

The word “Psi” refers to parapsychology and apparently can be divided into two categories (a) extrasensory perception and (b) psychokinesis. Psychokinesis refers to using the mind to move matter at a distance, which is not relevant in this instance. Therefore, when we refer to Psi in relation to Psi trailing this must be referring to a cat’s extrasensory perception to find a trial which takes him home.

Extrasensory perception is a way for an animal or human to receive information that has not been gained through normal senses. The mind senses something which directs the person or animal. This is my understanding of this skill.

Extrasensory perception is a rather mysterious skill. But, then again, so is the ability of a cat to track down a new home that his owner had moved to even know he had no idea where that home was or what it looked like. Those are the facts of a recent story posted by Elisa. Because the domestic cat has what appears to be a rather mysterious and unusual skill (and one that impresses us), it is perhaps not beyond the bounds of one’s imagination to believe that a cat uses extrasensory perception to find his way home.

There is still a lot to learn about animals, in general, and the cat specifically. Every day we learn more and what we learn is that animals are more intelligent than we had imagined. I wrote a recent article about goats, believe it or not, because they were found to be smarter than people had thought and they are smart as primates at problem solving the set task.

In conclusion, therefore, Psi Trailing refers to a cat using extrasensory perception to locate things, most typically his home, at a distance. I had heard, also, that the domestic cat and perhaps all cats including wild cats were able to use the Earth’s magnetic field to help locate places at a distance and recognise the onset of earthquakes. If the domestic cat is able to detect or feel the Earth’s magnetic field the cat would be able to locate the direction of North and South and as a consequence also be able to recognise were East and West were. In being able to understand those directions and being able to memorise the journey he had taken away from his home a cat may be able to return home successfully. It would not, however, explain how a cat can find an entirely new location that he had never seen before which is where the explanation of extrasensory perception comes in.

Perhaps, a cat’s ability to locate objects at a distance is based on several separate skills. In fact, those probably far more likely saw a cat with uses normal senses together with those referred to above.

Do you believe that cat has Psi Trailing? And have I described this skill properly? I have only just this minute heard about it.

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Cats Have Psi Trailing — 6 Comments

  1. It really is amazing what they can do they certainly have something! I asked my uncle who has Pigeons how they get back and he said that no one really knows they just do. Perhaps they have Psi as well as Ruth says? Who knows?

    • I don’t really believe in this sort of thing, extrasensory perception, but I’m not sure. Every day we learn new things about animals and their intelligence and abilities so we should keep open minds about it.

  2. What a very interesting article Michael, yes Psi trailing sounds very feasible! Cats are super intelligent and it’s amazing how they can find their way home.
    Do you think homing pigeons have Psi too? Their brains are tiny yet they fly many miles back to their home when set free.
    A person would be totally lost without sign posts if they were taken and left somewhere strange, miles from home.

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