Cats In Medical Research

Cats In Medical Research

by Juli

Photo by Brian Gunn with his permission.

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Photo by Brian Gunn with his permission.

To me it is disgusting the use of animals in medical research. It reached a point in which vivisectors always talk with the word "may lead" to a cure/vaccine, etc.

I am completely against it. I do not see any more animals saved from keep doing this than 50 yrs ago, except for the "help" of technology.

Vivisection is a morbid "way" of doing research. Not real Science.

Changing this subject, I LOVE this website, and the pictures here deserve a prize. Thank you!!!


Hi Juli... thanks for visiting and sharing a sentiment that most if not all of the regular visitors, including myself, share.

Cats in medical research or indeed any animals in medical research appalls me. I know it is a contentious issue but I agree with you. It is just business for the labs who do it and it is all dressed up in euphemisms that indicate a denial of the truth. The language helps to make what the scientists do more acceptable to them.

There is a similar language of denial in the veterinary world with the declawing of cats.

There are people called class b dealers who "acquire" cats any way possible it seems to me and who then sell them to the labs for research. For me (and I know there are people who support the whole thing and I respect their views) this is horrible.

Interestingly one of the original Asian leopard cats ("ASL" - a small wild cat) was being used in animal research before it became the parent of one of the first Bengal cats. The ASL was bought by the founder of the breed, Jean Mill. I have always found that hard to swallow.

And another fantastic wild cat hybrid is connected with animal testing. This time the Safari cat. A number of Safari cats (a very rare and actually valuable cat if we are talking in monetary terms) were killed in medical research. The euphemistic language used for killing an animal during medical research is "sacrificed" as if the poor cat gave its life in the cause of saving the lives of humans. Baloney...balderdash....

Apparently a good number of experiments on cats is for "fundamental research". This is just scientists experimenting on cats to see what happens - a kind of curiosity.

Favorite experiments used on cats in medical research have been1:

1. Being deliberately infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) - this causes acute suffering for the cat. The cats are sorry "sacrificed" to try and find out how to cure human AIDS.

2. Experiments on visual systems. This often results in blinded cats.

3. Experiments on the brain and nervous systems. Cats are killed afterward.

4. Research into strokes.



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Cats In Medical Research

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by: Anonymous

i want to shoot whoever started this. the stupid b*******! when i get my hands on them i will snap their spine. i'm not joking, it makes me SO angry that this is legal >:'(

Sep 03, 2010 Take the Doctor's power away
by: John Murie

The Doctors are evil,and I hope Technology is utterly DESTROYED!!!

They torture animals, Then they the INTELLIGENTSIA will suffer also and shall be stripped naked and starve in public places... I am absolutely furious against them ALL!!!!!!

Sep 03, 2010 Take the Doctor's power away
by: John Murie

The Doctors are evil,and I hope Technology is utterly DESTROYED!!!

They torture animals, Then they the INTELLIGENTSIA will suffer also and shall be stripped naked and starve in public places... I am absolutely furious against them ALL!!!!!!

May 13, 2010 Very interesting
by: Ruth

This is very interesting to those of us concerned about animals used in experiments.

May 04, 2010 A good idea
by: Maggie Sharp

That's actually a good idea, it makes sense, those whom cause dysfunction in society should be used for the research for society's benefits... Not animals whom have done nothing wrong and have therefore done nothing to deserve such a tortuous life.

May 04, 2010 I agree Maggie
by: Ruth

Scientists who experiment on animals in labs contradict themselves.On one hand they say animals aren't like us,they have no souls and don't feel as we do.But on the other hand they say they are like us and experimenting on them is justifiable for the benefit of people.But it doesn't always work that way,the best known instance of that was Thalidomide !
Thankfully more young scientists are realising how much animals suffer and opting for cell research instead.A friend's daughter was given a choice of going on from studying at university to using animals or to non animal research.She and the whole class she was in chose non animal research.
I agree Maggie that people should be used instead of animals.Convicted murderers, rapists, child and animal abusers etc should pay for their crimes that way......
And vets who declaw should too !!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 03, 2010 I agree
by: Maggie Sharp

I am strongly against the medical research on any animal, whether it be on a cat, rabbit, bird, pig, fish any animal... Not only is it cruel, but it's selfish. If we want cures for human diseases we should use humans for the medical research... It's only fair...

May 03, 2010 To Juli
by: Ruth

I'm so glad you support Dr Hadwen Trust also !
I love Michael's PoC and have learned a lot from and made good friends of, some of the people who come here.
It's good that it's devoted almost entirely to cats and is a wonderful place to promote our anti declaw campaign too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 02, 2010 Cats in medical research
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Thanks to "P.O.C" blogsite and its contributors that i have learnt a wide range of subjects on cats, something which i was ignorant, although not an amateur cat fancier.The worst atrocites against most pets, including cats seem to be "Animal Research" in laboratories conducted for the benifit of us humans. But then, its a very unequal World and the saying in George.Orwell's "Animal Farm" holds true, "Some animals are more equal".
At least my household pet cats are no "laboratory specimens" and are contended living the "fat cat Life"!

Rudolph avatar

May 02, 2010 little note of appreciation
by: Juli

Ruth: agree with you and the website you mention is one of my favorites.

Michael: again, congratulations for POC. This is one of my favorites sites too. I wish I would have found it before! The pictures are amazing and so all the info! Thank you very much!

May 02, 2010 I agree
by: Ruth

Using animals in medical research is uneccessary now there are so many alternatives.
We have fought against this cruelty for a long time now and happily have made headway with stopping the use of animals for many experiments for cosmetic or household goods,but there is still a long way to go.
There are lists of kind and unkind firms on the internet and if you look at the labels of everything you buy, for the 'not tested on animals' logo,you are helping support the good firms and sending the bad ones the message that using animals is not acceptable.
This is a wonderful place we support as they do good work and save many animals from laboratory tests:

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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