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Cats in multi-cat homes find ways to share space — 21 Comments

      • Thanks Kylee, I love to see them when they do their mirror image rolling outside too, cats politics are so fascinating.

        • All are wonderful cats and very close to each other and I love them, fantastic <3 hmmmmuaaa for them, mean Kisses to all cats <3

          • Black or black and white cats seem to always come our way, we have had only one ginger, one grey and one brown tabby, but we love any colour equally as much.
            People as well as cats, our outer colour makes no difference, we are all the same inside, except good or bad and I love the good people like you Ahsan.

      • Yes they mostly live in peace, very occasionally play together thundering around the house, but they never have decided who is top cat since our old cat Ebony died 7 years ago. Walt sometimes bullies Jo a bit, yet Jo can take Walt’s food off him by simply staring at him until he walks off if we don’t keep watch. Jo likes to ‘bury’ any leavings, his and Walters, we think it’s because his dad was feral, Walter never does that. They love having a ‘picnic’ outdoors when ‘the visiting gang’ come to be fed.

  1. As kittens Walt and Jo were inseparable, playing and sleeping together, most people thought they were brothers, but Walt is the eldest by a month.
    It was when they became adults they started going their separate ways.

  2. They’re funny boys, the diary was on the hour so missed the in between comings and goings, extra meals and cuddles. When they were babies we used to leave them downstairs shut in the living room overnight with all they needed so that our older cat Ebony had some peace and quality time with one or the other of us, they didn’t like it and eventually must have made plan between them to ensure we couldn’t shut the door by continually bursting out, they got their way and began sleeping upstairs. BUT last night for the first time in thirteen years they both chose to stay downstairs and sleep on the armchair and couch, Jozef stayed there for an extra hour after I got up, while Walter popped up to see Ruth for a cuddle and then came to get me up at 6. They have minds of their own those two and don’t take instructions from either of us!

  3. Walter and Jozef are such clowns. Can’t help but love them. They’re like night and day in personality. Walter has now claimed the street as his own it seems, chasing little boys and girls off. “My street, goddammit!” I love hearing about them.

    Here, there are some with their own special spots. But, for most, it’s just musical places. They move around all day long. Many stay in “clumps” and move as a unit. So funny.

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