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Cats in Pain: Prompt Veterinary Intervention/ Treatment are Crucial — 4 Comments

  1. If I see that they’re in pain, I take them to the vet. I can ONLY take acetaminophen myself and would be very wary of giving my cats NSAIDS as well, since the one strong one I took (on RX from arthritis docs) sent my kidneys into a tizzy and I am much larger than my cats.

  2. As I do in my own case, I don’t believe in western “medicine” which treats symptoms, often with harmful drugs which have terrible and sometimes life-threatening side-effects. Feeding top-quality food, providing plenty of fresh clean water, and enriching cats’ lives with lots of cat furniture, scratchers, toys, windows for watching the world, comfortable relaxing/sleeping places, and personal loving attention are best for ensuring a comfortable life. Pain is nature’s way of telling us that something is wrong; we shouldn’t take drugs to mask pain, but rather address what is causing the pain in the first place. And no one is immortal; we need to stop thinking that “quick fix” is the answer to everything.

  3. Ofcourse, pain relief for cats is tricky.
    For those of us who have experienced how well Metacam can work, we know that we can pretty much throw it out the window. Buprenorphine is costly and has mixed reviews.
    Cats CAN take aspirin in small doses. I rely on that a lot and have good results.

    • Dee, Metacam scares me. When you read about it damaging kidneys I don’t see how we can give it too cats especially old cats who are likely to have kidney failure anyway.

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