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Cats Killing Kittens — 11 Comments

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  2. We have just witnessed a male cat try to kill a kitten and it’s mother has done nothing to prevent it. She was nursing just one kitten as the other 2 kittens have dissapeared. I do not think the male was the father of the 3 kittens.

  3. This is basic feline behavior of any cat species. Their genetics determine that only the strongest survive. A male cat finding offspring that are not his own will kill them, to ensure that any offspring in the area are its own genetics. This is the risk that anyone takes who promotes the concept of “community cats”. If you want to find out why a cat is doing something it all boils down to: “If I do this, my genes will survive.” While it is not a conscious decision on any animal’s part, that’s just the way nature and the natural world works. Only the strongest genes survive, no matter how it is attained. There is no good nor evil in the natural world. That is a construct of the unnatural aspect of the human mind, from having removed themselves with direct contact with nature for so long. (In fact, this “good vs. evil” meme was invented in the middle-east as a very effective psychological war-ploy, to pit neighbor against neighbor, to divide and conquer.)

    Animals just do what they must to ensure that only their own offspring continue. Even if that means killing their own kind, just because they are not a representative of their very own genetics.

      • It was most assuredly the tom, but what probably helped to trigger this instinctive behavior even stronger was the presence of the adult female (visually or by scent). The tom saw offspring of a female that was not of his own genetic lineage. To prove his genetic value/worth to the female he would kill any kittens of hers that were not his. (Her disinterest in the kittens further showing him that those kittens weren’t very “genetically valuable” to her in the first place.) By killing the kittens he was then able to free-up her available resources to then carry on his own genetics through her — if she was reproductive. What you created was like “the perfect storm” for this base feline behavior.

        • Thank you. You are right 😉 Sorry your comment was moderated. That is not me but the program that decides whether comments should be moderated or not. No idea why it selected yours and you’ll have to believe me.

  4. I recently had two female kittens and i introduced them to my 8 year old neuterd female cat which she seemed to ignore them and then all of a sudden this big tabby tom cat came looking in through cat flap he looked friendly enough would just sit watching them play i went out only for a short period wen i arrived home to my dismay to find one of my kittens dead large chunk missing from its side and neck broke i was and still am heartbroken and the other kitten is now never out of my site but will never know who the culprit was my own female are the tom that kept calling round and still doing so feeling sad thinking if i could have done things differently if i only new i can’t even let the kitten near my female cat for fear that it could have been her what did this terrible thing 🙁

    • As I understand you, you are not sure if your female cat killed the kitten or the stray tom cat. Is that correct? I am very surprised to read your comment and sorry to hear about your loss.

      • Yes that’s right not sure which cat killed her so i wouldn’t let my female cat near her now but the tom cat keeps coming back come and thankyou

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