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  1. my grandpuppy Helios is great dane/st bernard he is only a year old and already 140# but his best friend is their 7# black shorthair cat. they get along just fine, and it’s pretty funny when they play, even sweeter to see them sleeping together.

  2. Nice tips Elisa. Whenever I see pictures of your cats and dogs I see harmony. It always impresses me. There is, though, a lot experience and common sense behind it all to make sure things stay harmonious.

  3. We really miss Dreyfuss. The only thing keeping me sane is watching the nightly game of Ambush played by Cujo and the cats. I won’t have any more large dogs. Dreyfuss was one of a kind and I don’t have it in me to provide the necessary training.

  4. RIP Dreyfuss. When I was a kid and again when I lived in Alaska, we had large dogs and cats living together all the time. It helps if a dog and a kitten have grown up together or if the dog is a pup and the cat lets him know that cats rule, dogs drool. Once when my cat was killed (and dad said we’d never get another kitten, ever, because I “carried on” so much) a neighbor brought us a kitten for Christmas. Tippy sat up and begged for the kitten so we were careful with them being together unsupervised for a little bit. But the first time we went on vacation, the neighbor who fed our critters said when we were gone, here came Tippy across the lot that separated our houses, leading the kitten to her house too.

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