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Cats May Pick up Regional Accents Which Modifies Their Meow — 3 Comments

  1. This question strikes me in a fun way. Just this week I told my husband about Zoe changing her meow language at bedtime- to a whisper like mew–mew–? so she wouldn’t wake him up. I taught her this for about 3-months by imitating me!!

    During the daylight hours her MEOW is Unmistakably LOUD.
    Zoe is a gorgeous Calico Maine Coon and follows me to bed, but I retire much later than my husband & we both used to wake him up [between her vocalizations and mine instructing her to speak softly]
    So Yes I would have to believe that a cats language is a very flexible instrument and highly influenced by environmental factors as much as the bonds we make with them.

    Eva_ interesting subject_
    Thanks Michael

  2. I think cats are influenced by their humans. Feral cats hardly ever meow, but house cats can be quite vocal. Mine even talks to himself. I am not making this up. I’ve watched him outside and no one is around, he isn’t even looking at the house, but he is walking around meowing to himself.

    I am a very vocal person– all day long I talk to him, I talk to myself, I talk on the phone and I sing. So Monty learned from me to be very vocal too. He meows to himself in all seasons so it is not just a meow of pain when it’s so cold out there it starts to hurt (we live in Wisconsin, that happens a lot) but also meows expressing I do not know what when the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the chipmunks are starting to come out of their dens so he can smack them around.

    • I am with you on this, Ruth. I believe that cats are very much influenced by us. There is a lot more to this than people are generally aware of. It is nice to know that Monty meows to himself. I talk to myself all the time… 😉

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