Cats missing and resident followed by a coyote in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Coyote Florida
Coyote Florida
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Because people have built homes and associated properties on coyote territory this resourceful predator is using the Fernandina Beach community as its territory and attacking indoor/outdoor cats and even, on one occasion following a person home.

The situation is exacerbated by the coyote mating season during which they can become more aggressive.

News4Jax reports that a resident, Dacey Campbell, said that her cat has disappeared and that one of the coyotes followed her home as she was walking her dog.

She believes that they are desperate for food. But perhaps they are simply habituated to humans and their cats being around and have lost any fear that they might have for humans as a result.

Please note: the video below may not work one day. That’s the way of the internet.

Apparently removing coyotes from areas (relocation) is unsuccessful according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

All that the residents can do is to avoid attracting coyotes with food and garbage. Perhaps they are referring to the feeding of feral cats under TNR programs or simply feeding them which can incidentally be a massive problem for feral cats because not feeding them can lead to starvation.

Also to keep cats inside must be sound advice. Coyotes are successful at killing domestic cats. FWC advise to not run from coyote and turn your back but to make eye contact. Running away may stimulate the chase/hunt drive.

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1 thought on “Cats missing and resident followed by a coyote in Fernandina Beach, Florida”

  1. Davey is telling the truth about coyotes in the USA. They will eat your pets. The pack sends a single coyote to lure your dog away from the safety of your home and then the pack attacks and eats your pet. They will even come up to your house and grab smaller pets from your porch.

    They are even a danger to calves. They rip off a leg, and the farmer has to put down the calf.


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