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This is a page that contains the following (2012):

  • Links to cat breed names that are alternative names to the current or mainstream name.
  • Links to pages on products or miscellaneous things.

Cat Breed Names

Abyssinian Bobtail
Aegean cat
African Shorthair
Alaskan Snow cat
Albino Siamese
Algerian cat
Alpaca cat
American Lynx
American Miniature cat
American Snughead 
Antipodean cat  
American Blue 
American Burmese 
American Cornish Rex 
American Forest Cat Longhair 
American Longhair 
Arctic Curl 
American Keuda 
American Polydactyl Cat
Australian Mist Longhair
Benedictine cat 
Bohemian Rex cat
Celtic Shorthair cat
Chestnut Brown cat
Chinese White, Dragon Li and Chinese Harlequin
Clippper Cat
European Burmese 
Jambi and Habari
Mandalay Cat
Oregon Rex cat 
Persian Ticked
Renegade cat
Sterling Cat
Templecat – Shorthaired Birman
Viverral cat

Misc Stuff

A diversion to something commercial — some Amazonian and other products….! The list grows and grows..

Lladro Cat Figurinea diversion – read about the business and see some porcelain to buy. Second diversion: Black Cat Figurine! Third diversion…
for Christmas! – Calico cat Christmas Ornament. Yes three more…Lion King Coloring Pages..and Lion King Games..and Lion Drawings. And now Metal Cat Sculpture! More…: Covered cat litter boxes – discussed. Three sorts of calendars for 2011 – American Cat Calendar. A change from domestic cat breeds. Big Cat Toys….And now..Black and White Cat Keychain.. and Cheshire cat mug…and now for some more..Cheshire Cat Plush Toy..more earrings! Black Cat Earrings….Cat Play Tunnel….Bug Jar Cat ToyCat Furniture: The Cat Tree…phew..Cheshire Cat Car MatBergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher..big title! Want a cat door bell?…Now to the garden..Garden Cat Sculpture….Best Cat Tree….Cheetah Print Bedding…Something to manage scratching and avoid declawing: Cat Scratch Wall Art…Something nice and warm..Cat Stained Glass…Are you caring for a feral cat? This might be appropriate: Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad…Live in an apartment on the ground floor..Cat Door for a Window…Have a garden?..Igloo Cat House. For the man about cufflinks…Ragdoll Cat Lover Gifts..cold climate? Cats don’t sleep with you? Try Cat Bed Warmers..Are you a cat breeder and shower of cat? Yes..Cat Curtains for a wild discussion on cat show curtains. Like jewelry?..Black Cat Necklace…into the bathroom..Cat Toilet Brush Holder…..Cat Flushing Toilet for the litter averse human..Siamese Cat Jewelry…Just parking this link: Cat Man Do…Got a cat and want an address book?..Cat Address BookCat in the Hat book…Want a cat cookie jar..?…or a Scuba Cat Bird Bath!..Indoor Cat Repellent….Cat Travel TipsRhinestone Cat Collars….Are disposable cat litter boxes a good idea? Here are my thoughts: Disposable cat litter boxes

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