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Cats – Natural Born Rat Killers — 4 Comments

  1. No rat problem where I live (Arizona), but we do have scorpions and mice come into our home from time to time (we live in a rural area). Our cats dispatch them very quickly. I would never think about taking their claws from them, although we do keep them trimmed. My mother in law has a declawed cat, and he just watched as a scorpion crawled by. One of my normal cats caught and ate it.

    • Cats were domesticated to be rat killers but there is some doubt now if a domestic cat is a good rat killer. A lot of cats are not good hunters. It depends on the individual cat. If you adopt a cat from a pound for the purpose of killing rats, I’d adopt a large ginger tabby cat that is random bred or semi-feral or stray cat.

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