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Cat’s owner dies. Read what happened next. — 12 Comments

  1. I have several people, who have named me as their pets’ caretakers after their deaths, or if they should become incapacitated. A few of the pets have already predeceased their owners. It’s a great idea to be specific in one’s will as to how their pets are to be cared for and be whom. One of my clients have a lawyer who will place pets with a rescue and follow the animal’s placement and make sure they are ok.

  2. As important as it is to list the pets and someone of your choice I highly recommend listing anyone you want to specifically excluded from having any contact or care of them. We Have specifically excluded all of my husbands relatives because they are all animal abusers by our standards. You need an excellent attorney and someone named to take immediate possession and care. Always remember the person you choose and agreed can decline and if there is someone you don’t want to touch your pets let alone care for them you need to specifically exclude.

      • I’d say you should meet my relatives but I’m not mean. There are also cards you can carry in your wallet that alert you have pets at home in case you are hurt in a car accident etc. And stickers you can put on your windows and doors as to how many pets and what kind you have inside. And I’ll take a moment to preach about chipping your pet and making sure that info is current.

  3. I recommend ALL pet owners mention their pets in the will/trust, etc., even if it is just in casual conversation with relatives/friends.


    One never knows the time of death and it is horrific to think of our beloved pets starving to death because they were overlooked.

  4. Hi, I would love to hear suggestions on how to provide for my four legged family. We have no close family and few friends living near us. I think of leaving everything we have to my vet in trust for my 3 babies, but I am shy to broach the subject with her. I actually haven’t researched the matter well yet (embarrassed to say).

    • R M,

      Don’t be embarrassed by this. You are both interested in the welfare of your babies. Your vet, hopefully, should feel complimented at least by your trust in him/her. Next time you are in the clinic, just ask if you may discus the future of your babies in the unfortunate event of your passing. Any vet worth his/her salt will be willing to talk to you. 🙂

    • Hi RM, I would select an excellent and trustworthy executor to your Will (the prime beneficial is the usual choice) and direct that she or he rehomes your cats through the best cat rescue organisation there is if she is unable to find a relative or suitable friend to adopt the cats.

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