Cat’s paw pads are raw

by Elizabeth Freire
(Brooklyn, NY, U.S.)

The other day I noticed my hyper cat Henry was hiding a lot and hardly saying anything much less socializing with my other cats.

I found it strange so I looked him over and found out his back paw pads were raw like somehow the top layer of skin had been peeled off. It seems to be very painful to him because he tries to avoid walking.

Please if you have any idea what this could be or how I could treat it let me know.

Thanks for your time and help.


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Cat’s paw pads are raw

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Jan 10, 2012 Suffering
by: Leah England

My advice and my only advice would get him to the vets quick!!

He seems to be in a world of pain poor mite!!

Jan 09, 2012 Disease or injury?
by: Michael

Hi, thanks for visiting and asking. It seems to me that the initial question is: is this caused by an injury or a disease?

Does he go outside? If so could he have walked on something that has caused irritation to his hind paw pads or abraded them? Chemicals can cause damage.

Also cats can damage themselves by scratching and over grooming for various reasons.

Ringworm can infect the claws. This might be irritating and he might be over grooming the claws/paws as a result. Do you see more grooming than usual?

If he walked on something it would be likely that all four paws would be affected. I would therefore tend to think it is an injury in a fall of some sort. He might have jumped off a high object and dragged his hind paws down the object as cats do.

But if he is full-time indoor that is unlikely. There are no outstanding topics in the books I have that are relevant to this injury.

Is he declawed? Does he have pain? Is he self-harming the area? This might be a factor although your description does not support this (you say he is “hyper” and therefore active). However being hyper also indicates that he may have suffered an injury in being overly active.

If it is an injury it will heal fairly speedily. I’d watch careful and wait and/or take him to your veterinarian.

Good luck.

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