Cats Politics

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

cats politics
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Cats are very strange and wonderful creatures, they have their own code of behaviour which Barbara and I call: ‘Cats Politics’

We have a ‘new kid on the block’ and Walter and Jozef are determined to establish the neighbourhood ‘pecking order’ in that they rule, lol. These new people who recently moved here may need a bit of education about cats but so far we haven’t been able to make contact in that they never answer the door.

The other morning I opened our front door to let our boyz out for their morning rounds, being around 5.30am when they declare morning every day, it’s usually very quiet, not a soul around. But both Walt and Jo seemed spooked about something and then I heard a tiny meow and a fluffy tabby kitten appeared, around 5 months old at the most and wearing a collar.

Our boyz were interested and even though it hissed at them they must have realised it was only young, so didn’t attack it. They did drive it away though and Babz and I worried in case it was lost but we saw no more of it until later when a neighbour came to our door holding the kitten and saying he couldn’t get away as it kept following him. He said it belongs to the new people across the street, he saw them carrying it in when they moved in.

I don’t like calling cats ‘it’ but we don’t know its sex yet, we just hope and pray those people have it neutered soon because if a tom he will be fighting the toms passing through, if a queen she will no doubt end up having kittens.

Anyway he knocked at their door, no one came, then another neighbour took the kitten from him so he could get away and later he knocked at their door, still no one came.

Jozef went over to hang around its gate and ‘monster’ the poor little thing as it sat by the door, he wasn’t very happy when I carried him back home but I kept both our boyz in until the door opened and the woman shouted at the kitten and it went in. It was noon by then and far too long for any cat, let alone a kitten, to be left out. We worried it had been out all night and that they’d make a habit of shutting it out and going to bed. Some people still believe in ‘putting the cat out at night’

The minute Jozef was free again he marched over and sniffed every inch where the kitten had been lol then came home satisfied he knew all its secrets. But both Walt and Jo go over and check it out sometimes since, we thought maybe the kitten was out by mistake that morning but it has been out again since then. It’s amazing that kitten knows exactly where it lives already, within days of moving here!

Hopefully they will soon establish their individual territories and boundaries, we don’t have many cats in close proximity now since some have moved away with their families. Narla has been here as long as our boyz and she knows to come for her dinner when they are not around, her dad likes us to feed her because she’s often out long hours while he isn’t at home.

The new ‘kid on the block’ will soon slot in after neutering we hope! We had another taste of ‘cats politics’ today too, do anyone else’s cats kick a man when he’s down?

Jozef had a tummy upset and maybe Walt was jealous of all the extra attention he was getting, I saw a naughty gleam in his eye as he looked at Jo and then he ran past him biting his bum on the way. We had to smother our laughter, poor Jo.

So Jo went to sit in his ‘hide’ in the garden and Walt marched up to him and tapped him on the head. Oh he’s in for retribution, Jo bides his time until the perfect moment for revenge and then he stalks Walter around the house. He never touches him, just stares with his tail waving until Walt creeps slowly off.

We’ve learned not to interfere with ‘cats politics’ unless it looks to be getting too serious, they are usually quite capable of sorting themselves out.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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  1. This is very interesting and helpful as im going though the process. Jasmin i think just would like to play and be friends with everyone. Ozzie not to happy constantly growling, i think it be awhile yet before they all get along. I guess only been a week now.

    • Our older cat Ebony hated Walter, which was why we brought Jozef along so they amused each other and left her alone. Yet she loved Jozef. Just a clash of purr-sonalities they never did become good friends but they learned to live together.


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