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Cats Protection Poisoning Infographic — 3 Comments

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  2. Michael, it’s important to share this knowledge, without worrying about someone using it to harm cats.

    People who want to hurt cats don’t have a problem finding ways to do it.

    There are too many unwise pet guardians who need this information, so I think you’ll be saving more than harming. We really can’t control the horrible things that people do to animals and other people by withholding information.

    Signing petitions and speaking out is the best way I know of to counter these criminal acts.

    • I am glad you have said that because it does concern me the way cat haters use information intended for good cat guardians to find ways to harm cats. Having done this work for 8 years I feel there is quite a decent sized section of society who are ignorant about cats and want to harm them.

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