Cats Protection Poisoning Infographic

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Cat poisoning advice from Cats Protection
Cat poisoning advice from Cats Protection
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

The only worry I have with providing information about cat poisoning is that (being paranoid as I am) it is read by the wrong people. Only recently I posted about a series of cat and dog poisonings in England, a country believed to be full of animal lovers.

I can remember writing a long post years ago on cat poisoning. For years it ranked top in a Google search and the comments piled up to over 300. Almost all of them were written by cat haters who revelled in the information and the stories on the page about poisoned cats. The page was hijacked by the nasty people. Ocassionally, the decent guys faught back and argued against them but this is a losing battle. There are a lot of people out there who want to hurt cats. The modern main cat websites don’t address these uncomfortable realities. They like to keep things pink and fluffy or slightly unreal.

There are are three groups of people in the word with regard to cats (1) those who like and love them (2) those who don’t mind either way (3) those who hate them and want to get rid of them. That is simplifying things but the point is made.

We have just been through Easter and we know that chocolate is poisonous to cats…”Chocolate is toxic to cats because it contains theobromine, caffeine and possibly sugar…” – there are other things at Easter that are toxic to cats. The link discusses them.

3 thoughts on “Cats Protection Poisoning Infographic”

  1. Michael, it’s important to share this knowledge, without worrying about someone using it to harm cats.

    People who want to hurt cats don’t have a problem finding ways to do it.

    There are too many unwise pet guardians who need this information, so I think you’ll be saving more than harming. We really can’t control the horrible things that people do to animals and other people by withholding information.

    Signing petitions and speaking out is the best way I know of to counter these criminal acts.

    • I am glad you have said that because it does concern me the way cat haters use information intended for good cat guardians to find ways to harm cats. Having done this work for 8 years I feel there is quite a decent sized section of society who are ignorant about cats and want to harm them.


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