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Cats Push The Human Need To Nurture Button — 28 Comments

  1. Ozzie is highly intelligent he regularly leads me to the fridge for his ham he also looks in the basket where Mr Dot lives and looks at me to get him out so we can play. I don’t see him as manipulative just resourceful and persuasive πŸ™‚

  2. Am so hoping everything works out as dont want to seperate them. Was going to get a kitty but prob not a good idea at this stage.

  3. I never take a cat’s love for granted. We have to earn that trust and love- but once they give us their hearts- unless something tragic happens, that love just grows and grows… cementing our bonds.

    I don’t think that cats “play us”- They just tell us what they want- and don’t forget- ya catch more flies with honey than vinegar- which may be an idea they found in their survival toolbox.

      • thats what happens with my cats esp rebel. I think can be both ways. Im going though a rough time atm. Realtionship just broken up so hoping can still stay here with the cats. Will let you know how things go.

        • Kylee do you mean the cats are shared and you might have to be the one to move out and leave some of them? That’s awful!

          • well will just have to wait and see. Will Find out on Monday whats happening. Hopefully hoping all will be fine. yea i dont want to split them up. Hopefully we be able to work out and stay here. as houses are hard to come by not much rental properties available with such hard times

  4. Maybe some cats are clever at knowing how to work their humans to get what they want, but that only makes them exactly the same as humans, some people are wily, some people are takers, some are selfish but the thing is people choose to be that way, cats are as cats are, who can blame them for taking full advantage of all the comforts of home, after all it’s only by the grace of God that a cat lands up in a kind and loving home, many a cat is but a whisker away from homelessness and cruelty, so they do right to enjoy what they can when they can.

  5. Cats are not manipulative, far from it, they are just highly intelligent and know that we love them so much that their every wish is our command.

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