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Cats react to earthquake before shocks rattle building — 3 Comments

  1. Many years ago one of my best friends and myself were riding our horses down the road when they suddenly spooked horribly. They were jumpy all the way home. Later we found out there had been some earth tremors at the time we were out.
    I believe in the horrible tsunami a few years ago animals started fleeing from the shore. I have read it but don’t know if it’s true.
    There is no reason to think an animal like a cat that is a walking ball of senses would not feel something long before we or our technology became aware of it.

  2. Cats do seem to possess an ability to perceive an upcoming disaster, whatever the reason. I truly believe that feline awareness is tuned to a higher frequency on various levels. One example, which you must have read about, is the story of Emmy. She was the orange tabby ship cat who refused to board the RMS Empress of Ireland, which sank the following morning in 1914.



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