Cats removed from property of elderly woman sentenced to jail after feeding strays

Cats have been taken away from the home of Nancy Segula, the 79-year-old celebrity stray cat feeder whose exploits have gone viral because they touch a nerve on a central issue with respect to dealing with stray and feral cats.

Cats removed from Segula's home

Update – Cats Trapped and Taken Away


This is another update on this widely reported story of a 79-year-old woman, Nancy Segula in Garfield Heights who could not stop herself feeding stray and feral cats where she lives. It is against the law where she lives to feed stray cats so she came into conflict with the law on three occasions resulting in a 10 day prison sentence for contempt of court for continually violating terms of probation that she not feed stray cats at her home. They – the authorities – decided to trap the cats that keep Nancy company and which she feeds. I guess it is intended to be an act of help rather than punishment. But I hope they leave some for her.
I am told that her sentence is being reviewed by a second judge perhaps in response to the extensive news coverage and public support.

The Big Issue

The story went viral because it touches a nerve in American citizens. At its heart it is about how to deal humanely with America’s strays.

Nancy’s behavior embodies the dilemma facing millions of caring Americans who love animals. They can’t ignore the suffering of stray cats but the law in some places forbids helping them. It is a conflict between members of society; those who want to eradicate feral cats (people in authority normally) and those who want a more humane approach (your average decent citizen). There is also an element of loneliness and seeking companionship in helping unwanted cats. This is a worldwide societal problem which perhaps could be tackled with more committment.

What’ll Happen To The Cats?

The authorities and a rescue organisation, Furever Friends, have come to her house to trap the cats. I hope this is to help Nancy and the cats. I believe that it is. She asked for help from the authorities to TNR the cats. But are the cats going to be taken away for euthanasia? As a rescue group is involved I hope the cats will be treated in a kindly way. Is it naive to believe that the cats will survive and avoid being euthanized? Are they certain to be killed by the authorities as one person suggested in a comment?

Note: Garfield Heights is just south of Cleveland which is on the shores of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes in the north of the US.

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  1. The tax paying animal loving community needs to unite and organize and work with or against the city for changes to this ignorant law and advance TNR and other humane and effective methods to assist the animals and community. That is how change comes about.


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