Cat’s response to his owner’s sneezing is unusual

The title to the video is “Cat Gets Upset When Owner Sneezes”. I don’t think her cat gets upset. I see no signs of upset but I do see that the cat acknowledges his owner’s sneezing. My guess is that the female owner sneezes a lot for whatever reason. And to the cat, the sneezing has become a vocalisation which reminds the cat that she is still there. The cat responds in a particular way but friendly way.

Cat responds to their owner's constant sneezing in a particular way

Cat responds to their owner’s constant sneezing in a particular way. Screenshot.

I will call the cat’s response, a form of vocalisation. It’s very particular and unusual but it is a vocalisation, a sound produced to respond to the sneeze. It’s almost a mirror image of the sneeze in a rather strange way. In fact, I would go so far to say that the cat is in some ways copying the sound of their owner. No matter how you interpret it, this interaction is a friendly one between owner and cat and it just so happens that the initiating sound is a sneeze. It could be something else but this is certainly not the cat yelling at the owner.

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The owner states: My cat, Snicker Doodle, always yells at me whenever I sneeze. I compiled a few videos together, to showcase this. He’s been doing this for a while now and I always find it so silly.”

I’m sorry that she finds it silly. It’s just the response by a cat to the sound that she is making. It’s a bit like the purring a mother cat makes in response to the purring from their newborn kitten when they are suckling. It’s a bit like saying: ‘I’m here are you okay’ and this communication goes between the two’. She may find her cat’s response irritating because she is irritated by her necessity to sneeze. It is annoying her I suspect.

It occurred on May 31, 2022 / Port Republic, Maryland, USA.

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