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Cats see us as cats while dogs see us as being different — 1 Comment

  1. Well, this is a fun subject.

    I believe that cats are so much smarter than dogs. But, I don’t think that they view us as cats more than they see us as a means to meet their needs and desires. We’ve explored the issue of manipulation, and I think that many cats are supreme manipulators. But, they learned how to achieve their desires from us and in the ways that work. They work us like machines sometimes.

    Dogs are more forthright and honest. They are easier to please and are happy with most anything we do for them. I’ve never had a dog demand that I open can after can of food to find a preference. Nor, has one driven me to hop a bus to get them a much loved item (let’s revisit Charlie’s demand for chicken one day. LOL!). But, they do demand more attention and require endless walks.

    But, in the end, both species love us to pieces! And, we love them.

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