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Cats Seeking Employment Must Pitch Their Unique Skills — 6 Comments

  1. I am so excited that this article was so useful. I think that underneath the humor,Sandra Murphey really “got” it. We can so quickly dismiss many feline behaviors as just a nuisance, but always remember that cats always have reasons for what they do. This morning I was not feeling at all well, and for the first time in my relationship with Master Aki, he curled up tightly into my arm and put his head on my chest and purred his heart out. I put my arm around him and he purred even more loudly. I know that he was definitely sending me healing energy from his heart. He is NOT usually a snuggley kitty- but he knew how I was feeling. It really touched me very deeply. Sometime he may act super affectionate when he wants to be fed but this was very, very different behavior and very new. I loved it!

  2. As I think we’ve mentioned to you in the past, Jo, Cisco is a super hero (Supurr Cisco) who does good deeds as the head supurr cat of the LEAGUE OF SUPERCAT HEROES. He is a very conscientious and socially conscious cat and has led his fellow felines on a variety of important and heroic missions. Justice is his only reward and unlike Bruce Wayne, alas, he is not independently wealthy. Pancho is a fashion designer, heads a feline modelling agency and occasionally moonlights as a detective. He is very snoopy but lets Cisco handle the heroic stuff.

  3. Jo, Your perceptions of the reasons behind cat activities could hold more importance than you may realize. I’m a firm believer that our perceptions shape our reality.

    I’m imagining that after reading your article, many people may change their point of view. Instead of getting angry and upset, they could now engage their imagination to look beneath the behavior, to a previously hidden talent.

    I’ve had my cat 7 years, and what amazes me is how many times she’ll do something she’s never done before, and most times doesn’t do it again.

    I’m remembering the other night when she was lying near my head. My arms were at my sides. All of a sudden she started biting my arm in several places. Not hard, but it surprised me, and I had no idea what triggered that behavior. I quickly put my arm under the blanket.

    In looking back, I imagine that she may have been practicing some acupuncture technique that she thought I needed.

    Now that I have the advantage of seeing her behaviors in a different light, it gives me a creative opportunity I never had before.

    I’d really like to see this trend spread far and wide among cat guardians, especially those who usually feel angry or upset with their cat’s behaviors.

    You’ve given us a whole new way of interpreting our cat’s activities, and one that can actually make a huge difference in our appreciation of what they may be trying to communicate with body language instead of words.

    Thank you so much! I’ll share this on my Facebook page, and other cat sites I’m on. Imagine the impact it could have!!

  4. Each and every cat is unique, and all of the cats in my life have given far more than I could ever give them back, each in his or her own special way.

  5. Well, Jo, you have opened my eyes.
    Now, I’m seeing how my Damon’s thievery and keeping hoarding piles may really be his desire to clean up this place. He does a good job.
    And, Felix running and playing slip slide with the scatter rugs means that he wants to create an amusement park.
    I’m getting it now….
    My Desiree scratching up the kitchen baseboards and walls is really her dream to work construction.
    Howl, doing what he does best, ie. HOWLS! is really his pent up need to be a radio announcer.
    Thank you, Jo. LOL!

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