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There is much more to having a cat in your home than simply feeding him and taking him to the vets when necessary.

Some people treat their cat like a baby, this is wrong. Cats are born to live a cat’s life, they like being cats and don’t want to be treated as babies, they don’t want to be dressed in clothes and sit in a pram.

respect your cat
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Some people allow their children to treat the cat as a toy. Again this is wrong, cats don’t like to be picked up and carried around by children. Maybe some tolerate it but it’s unfair on the cat.

Children should be taught to respect the cat as a living feeling being just like they are.

Sadly in some families, the cat is treated as a second class citizen to the dog.

Both animals should be treated equally and also equally as kindly.

It’s wrong to allow a dog to lie on the couch but to chase the cat if he does the same.

It’s horrifying how some people think it’s OK to spoon the cat’s food into a dirty used bowl or to forget to change his water.

I wonder how they would like their dinner on their last meal’s plate, or to drink stale water?

Neglecting to change the litterbox is disrespectful to the cat, he no more likes to use a dirty toilet than we would.

Cats like to lie peacefully, not always asleep, sometimes just watching from a warm perch, leave him be to do that if he chooses to.

Don’t put temptation in a cat’s way then punish him if he gives in to it. Leaving tasty smelling food on a table with a hungry cat around is asking for trouble.

It only takes a few minutes to feed the cat before sitting down to your own meal.

Leaving candles burning within a cat’s reach is very dangerous, he may be attracted by the dancing flame and burn his face or his paw. Respect that cats don’t see danger as we do, we owe it to them to keep them safe.

If a cat wants attention from you, or a door to be opened, don’t ignore him, stop and think for a minute how it must be to have to rely on someone for everything you need or you want to do.

It’s within our power to give our cats the life they deserve just by giving a bit of thought to how we can do that.

A cat is born with claws because he needs them, to have him declawed is cruel and unnecessary and is proof you have the wrong type of animal in your home.

Consider your cats needs and remember he has the right to respect from his human family and also the right to live a happy fulfilled life as a cat.

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May 24, 2012 Too true NEW
by: Jane A

Too true cats should be treated with respect and I hope those who don’t, learn something from your fantastic poster.

May 22, 2012 Smashing poster NEW
by: Rose

A smashing poster and educational article too.
If my kids carried our cats around like the girl in the poster they’d be for it!
They’ve learned from being tiny to love and respect all animal life and that if they do then animals will love and respect them back.
This is a lesson many parents don’t teach their kids and they SHOULD!

May 21, 2012 Too true NEW
by: Mrs M

Too true that cats should be treated with respect.
You get a cat to be part of your family and it shoud have equal rights with the rest of the family, human, canine, whatever.
I don’t know how some people justify treating their cat otherwise and it’s wrong they should have a cat, especially the extra ignorant ones who have the poor thing declawed.

May 20, 2012 Another great poster NEW
by: Edward

Man how do you think them all up this is another great poster that doesnt need words but I like reading them as well.
It makes me mad if people dont treat their cats with respect we all deserve that no matter who we are born as.

May 20, 2012 Sense! NEW
by: Barbara

Once again a brilliant and important piece of work. Suprisingly the things mentioned here do not happen in many households,it seems strange that people actually choose to adopt a cat and then don’t bother to give him or her a lifestyle suitable to a cat. Cats don’t ask for much, proper cat food on clean plates, clean water, warmth, clean litter box, a bit of attention a few toys and a bit of respect, that’s all but sadly some cats don’t even get that. Cats might choose to play with the kids but they should never be seen as one of the toys, they might hang out with the dog but they aren’t mini canines, they might seem self sufficient, and at a push they can be, but they still want a bit of loving attention just like the rest of us do. This article and poster should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating adding a cat to the household. Well done Ruth and thank you.

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  1. Bullshit. Cats should be kept indoors at all times or not at all. They are upsetting the balance of nature through them killing everything they can despite being fed. Then there is the litter clay that is openly mined and destructive. Some owners chucking their shit down the toilet in to the public system. Get rid of them

  2. Cats have feelings & need food/water but also LOVE & support
    they’re part of the family. We adopted an abandoned Tortie back on 7/81, she adored my husband but strongly disliked our son with Cerebral Palsy. Panchita #2 (Panchita is female term for Francine, my husband was named Frank)sadly she passed away in the arms of her owner. Few weeks later I took our other cat to vet & made the remark that Panchita had done so well for being 20 yrs old. Dr Sugasky said to me “Mrs Tellez, Panchita was @ least 24 yrs old, I wished more pet owner cared about their pets the way you do.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)


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