Cat’s tail stuck in reclining couch and 5 police officers freed him

If you have a cat don’t have a reclining chair or couch. I have written about this before and I am sure that there are many unreported cat injuries and deaths caused by the reclining mechanism of these sofas and chairs.

Reclining chair
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In this instance reports that a cat’s tail was trapped in the reclining mechanism of his owner’s couch. The owner tried to release his cat and failed. He was scratched in the process.

He called the police and a group of police officers began dismantling the couch. They failed too. They decided they needed bolt cutters and a fifth police officer turned up with the tool.

The couch was duly dismantled and/or destroyed! The cat was released and was checked over at a local veterinary surgery.

Moral: cats and recliners don’t go together. This cat was lucky as kittens have been crushed to death under reclining furniture.

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