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Cats Used in Child Custody Wars During Divorce — 5 Comments

  1. The tragedy in our society is that animals are considered property. Until this changes, their best interest will never matter.

    • Yes, Ruth, there is a tendency to revert to treating animals as property when push comes to shove. It seems to be inherent in the human psyche.

  2. Dear Irish_Been there-Done that_

    Unfortunately I had to kidnap my own cats and myself out of state.It is inexcusable to be put in this situation__from all sides.

    Eva says_It never occurred to me that my cats would be listed as assets in the divorce. Like an old piece of luggage.

  3. Went through this in my divorce,he tried to say he was keeping my cat (Sage) and I told him he could bloody well bugger off since it was I that adopted him,had him vetted and neutered and that he also had hurt Sage by throwing him against the wall because Sage was running through the house and he jumped on my ex head with claws extended,he was only 8 months old at the time when he threw Sage so there was no way in hell I was leaving without Sage and I didnt.

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