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Cats Walk Like Ballerinas — 24 Comments

  1. I put this poster on a facebook ‘against animal abuse’ group and it’s been shared over a hundred times!
    It makes me feel good that something so simple is helping our cause 🙂

  2. How true Ruth! They do walk on their toes! Another very effective way of getting the cruelty of this procedure across and I love your poster 🙂 Just being told about declawing is awful enough but when such informative posters are available I can’t for the life of me understand how de-clawers can still say its ok; my cat is fine.

    • Thanks Leah, we just keep trying to think of different ways to get the message across don’t we!
      But some people even when they know the horrible truth still think a cat should be so grateful to have a home they should be happy to sacrifice their toe ends for it 🙁
      We HAVE to get declawing banned!

  3. wrestling with the idea of giving my precious cat away because the apartment requires the cat to be declawed my mother very upset about this she loves her cat

    • Hi Samuel, landlords have no right to force tenants to declaw their cats but sadly there is no law YET to stop them, but hopefully there soon will be.
      Read this article by Dr Jean Hofve a vet who doesn’t declaw and advises tenants to print it off and show their landlord:
      Declawed cats can do so much more damage to property than clawed cats ever could.
      You and your mother shouldn’t have to rehome your cat, maybe if he reads about it he might find it in his heart to be compassionate.
      If not then rehoming is kinder, but never to a Rescue Shelter as they are overflowing and many cats are killed.
      I’m so sorry for you and your mother and your cat, it’s a horrible situation to be in.
      We MUST get declawing banned!!!!!

    • Samuel, please take Ruth’s advice and give this article (http://www.littlebigcat.com/declawing/declawing-cats-required-to-rent/)to the landlord. This article HAS made landlords waive their requirement after reading it, so many have no idea what declawing even is, so it’s up to us to educate them! If you have already paid them a security deposit to cover damages, they cannot require you to mutilate a cat in case it causes damages – that is what the deposit is for. You can also let them know it is already ILLEGAL in the state of California and Rhode Island for landlords to require declawing and there is pending legislation in New York and Massachusetts. Please keep us updated!

  4. good article as always just love your way, you make it easy to understand. Love your drawings. My cat Rebel sometimes walk like hes on hind legs i sumtimes call him dainty as he looks like he looks like a balleria. on his feet anyway.

    • Thanks Kylee, words don’t sink in to some peoples brains easily but pictures do, our anti declaw posters have saved claws and I’m pleased about that.
      I first tried one poster thinking about how our late mother taught Babz and me to read easily, with pictures to look at and the word under, like a picture of a cat and CAT written under it. We could both read and write by the time we started school.
      But even so, I was astonished at how successful the posters have turned out to be 🙂

  5. Another great article and poster, and yes you can compare a cat’s grace with a ballerina’s. I agree wholeheartedly with Michaels description of the way a cat is deliberately injured by declawing, I repeat myself every time I comment on declawing that I still can’t begin to understand WHY anyone chooses to inflict it upon their cat. Keep up the good work of educating against this horrendous assault on US and Canadian cats.

    • Thanks Babz, no I can never come to terms either with people choosing declawing, it’s beyond understanding why they would want their cats to suffer and it’s just horrendous that vets happily cause cats to suffer on behalf of those people.

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra keep up the good and excellent artistic way of educating cat owners on cat ownership and responsibility.I am in awe of your artistic talent. And yes, cats are always mostly associated with the feminine sex and hence the ballerina as a model for explaining de-clawing in cats was apt akin to a ” Fashion Catwalk”.

      • You hate it as much as I hate it. And you know why it is so bad and wrong, it is because the cat is injured not because of an accident or a mishap or because something went wrong; the cat is injured, severely injured, because a person entrusted to look after the cat deliberately injures their cat because it suits him or her. It is simply a preference, a convenience and a completely deliberate act that changes the cat’s life detrimentally. That, for me, is why declawing cats is particularly abhorrent.

        • You are right Michael, it is abhorrent that some people choose to have their cats deliberately injured, they shouldn’t have that choice.
          I very much admire those vets who have never declawed a cat in their career and they are the ones who clients should go to if they possibly can.
          I know one thing for sure, I wouldn’t trust a vet who declaws cats, within a mile of our cats because for sure they don’t know much about, or respect, cats at all.

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