Cats with Guns

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What is cats with guns all about? Why are people searching for this on the internet?

Well as usual it starts with Google, more particularly YouTube which is owned by Google.

It’s a film made up of stills, all of which are available on the internet.

Here’s the video…….life moves on..The video the search referred to is no longer available. Something better has replaced it. Here it is…..This video is meant to make you think..

On a serious note though, it kind of does happen (cats with guns I mean).

In a newspaper story of March 2005 from Bates in Michigan, USA, a cat knocked a 9mm handgun from the the kitchen work surface to the floor which caused it to go off. The gun went off and wounded the “human”.

Cat awareness – tip one: don’t leave a loaded hand gun lying around a table or work surface when your beloved cat is around.

This is the nearest I’ve got to cats with guns. Maybe the cat did it deliberately!

The truth is that there is a lot of animal cruelty in the world and if cats really did have guns (or some way to defend themselves) this would help (the cats I mean…). Actually, it would probably help the humans too as it would teach them a lesson. Am I correct?

Just as an example, in Suffolk, England on 17th July 2007 someone shot two cats and put them on the menu board of a drive through Burger King. It must have been a disgruntled customer, who had little regard for fellow creatures.

That sounds appalling, but a lot worse happens all over the world, none worse than in China.

China – animal cruelty

china cat I know it is a politically sensitive issue (particularly with the Olympics coming up) but cats aren’t political and anyway I don’t really care if the Chinese are upset.

In Guangzhou, south-eastern city of China, cats and dogs are caged without any sense of common decency, morality, or even legality and demonstrating massive level of cruelty, in a market ready to be sold as food or to be used as fur to line the coats of rich westerners.

I can’t publish the pictures here because this site is not suitable (they are too distressing) but this happens day in and day out in China and I am sure there are other countries where similar levels or cruelty take place against cats.

Apparently every year 2 million dogs and cats are killed for their fur. cat china That’s about 5,500 daily. While you are reading this 20 have been killed.

And the way they are killed is extraordinary. The Chinese in that part of the country think that the “meat” has a stronger taste if the animal is killed (or tortured) while it is in fear as this produces adrenalin.

They also like it fresh…..yes, they don’t actually kill the animal they just beat it over the head so it is half dead then let the customer take it away. Or they boil the animal alive…

I want to do something about that and maybe I can. The first thing is give ’em guns – cats with guns – yeh lets see you do that to me now you bl**dy market traders….. bamm…bamm…

England – animal cruelty

Finally, here’s something really serious not on the subject of cats with guns but humans with guns:

If you put this keyword “air gun cats” into Google you get a seriously large number (first 2 pages) of references to cats being shot with air rifles.

And they are not old stories. One example is where a cat in Biddenden, Kent, England was shot three times with an air gun and was subsequently put to sleep because it was too badly injured. The cat was shot in the eye, larynx and back in a park. This kind of thing happens over and over again.

Yes, maybe cats with guns is a good idea as it would allow them to defend themselves against abuse. Cats are vulnerable in relation to humans. We hold their life in our hands. Domestic cats have entered into a symbiotic relationship with humans whereby both benefit.

There is a social contract. So, it is both sadistically cruel and a gross breach of contract and trust to turn on a defenseless creature.

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