Ultra Persian breed

Ultra Persian

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Helmi Flick loves cats and it shows. Her work can be found throughout this website. You have come here to see some “ultra” typed Persians.

This first picture is of “a one year, 3 month old Black Smoke Persian male who we photographed at a CFA Show across town this past weekend. This little guy was one of my favorites from the show.

Technical photographic details are as follows:

  • Maker: CanonModel: Canon EOS 20D
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
  • Exposure time: 0.0050 s
  • Exposure program:Manual
  • Exposure mode: MultiSegment
  • Aperture: F4.50
  • ISO sensitivity: 100
  • Focal length: 75

90% of Helmi’s photographs are taken at shows as this is where the work is. Helmi uses digital equipment and a portable studio set up with 4 lights.

The cats are placed on a platform which is a little distance from the background as this allows the background to be lit separately from below creating a focused light area with a fade away towards the edges.

It also means that the background remains a little out of focus and there
for “softer”. ultra persian cat Here we have a picture of “Cosmos”. Helmi says this about Cosmos,

“This is Cosmos, a six month old Red Point Himalayan Male, in beautiful condition. A Himalayan is a pointed Persian (think Siamese). The notable points about this boy is how clear his eyes are, he has small ears and is “dripping” with coat. This shot was taken in October of 2004 at the Seguin, Texas, TICA Cat Show….

Helmi used an Olympus digital camera and Photoshop Elements software for this photograph.

ultra persianHelmi provides this information about this close up of this gorgeous Himalyan:

    • Camera: Olympus C-3030Z
    • Studio Strobe Lights: JTL
    • Breed of Cat: Himalayan, Flame Point
    • Photographed at: Mesquite, TX CFA 2002 Lone Star Show”Adobe PhotoDeluxe Effects/Feathered in a selected oval around a head shot of this Himalayan to focus on the eyes.

      ultra persian Helmi comments about this picture, “Oliver is a Solid Cream Persian Male photographed at the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, TICA Show in April of 2006. Oliver won 2nd Best Internationally and was Best Cat in the South Central Region in TICA. He is a whole male and has already sired a litter, one of which is very promising for the show circuit: a Solid Blue Male kitten. Oliver has flown to France, Germany, and all over the United States, being shown at shows. The airline personnel love him and he thrives on being stroked and adored. I’ve photographed him on about 6 different background colors, but the Teal is one of my favorites for his coat color. Oliver resides in Austin, Texas.” Here’s the technical stuff:

      • Model: Canon EOS 20D
      • Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
      • Exposure time: 0.0050 s
      • Exposure program:Manual
      • Exposure mode: Average
      • Aperture: F5.00
      • ISO sensitivity: 100
      • Subject distance: 0.00 m
      • Focal length: 55

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