Cats101 – Egyptian Mau

Cats101 – Egyptian Mau

by Snowclockstudio
(The Netherlands)

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I watch Cats101 on animal planet and to my surprise I saw a "Mau" who looked surprisingly like my Corsican Hybrid cat- to be honest nothing like a Mau. What do you think, is this a Mau?


Hi.. I see what you mean. The video (which cannot be embedded here) is good I think. The kittens look like Egyptian Maus. They are silver Egyptian Maus.

But the cat on the "cover" at the beginning of the video looks like a standard brown tabby cat at first sight. A little bit stocky and cobby.

I think you will find that the cat in the picture is a golden Egyptian Mau and a female breeding cat in middle age. That is a wild guess really.

But, bottom line, this cat is an Egyptian Mau. You cannot see the coat very well because of the camera angle but there are spots on the body which merge to form stripes on the cheeks and legs. This is normal.

The Egyptian Mau body (per the CFA breed standard) should be medium long and graceful. The cat in the photo does not really fit this breed profile probably due to age etc as mentioned.

Another point is that the CFA says that the ears should medium to large. Breeders in the states might consider the ears of the cat in the picture as too ordinary! Too small. But I am not an expert. As I said and as you say the cat above does not look like an Egyptian Mau show cat that we are used to seeing in pictures of show cats but she still is, I reckon. There is a lot of leeway in the breed standards.

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