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In Georgia we have a huge over population problem with ferals. I recently started TNR with the feral colony in my area. I went through several animal clinics before I found Project CatSnip, a humane program for ferals in Atlanta

They have been a life saver (literally). They allow you to use traps with no rental fee as long as you use their services. They have the lowest spay/neuter and vaccine costs that I have found in Georgia.

Thanks to the lower costs and free traps I have been able to double the amount of cats that I help. They are a mobile surgery vet that go around the greater Atlanta area so I didn’t have to travel far.

The staff is friendly and very experienced. They have been able to give me a ton of advice on trapping and aftercare.

TNR is the only humane way to deal with ferals. I love this service and am thankful I have been able to help as many cats because of them!


Hi.. thanks for telling us about Catsnip – a nice name that sticks by the way.

I am always happy to promote services that genuinely help the cat so I would like to add a few words if I may. I changed the title to one that people search for so this page might be more easily found. And I used your title in the text.

The Facebook page for Project CatSnip tells us that this is a nonprofit sector of the Atlanta Animal Alliance.

The service is “committed to offering low-cost spay/neuter services to pet owners and helping to reduce the homeless cat and kitten population”.

The catsnip program makes spay and neutering affordable and that is critical, I think, to managing the homeless cat problem. It is far better to manage it at source rather than mopping up the results of unmanaged breeding.

There can be no excuse for not doing it. The charges as at February 2011 are: $60 Spay – $40 neuter and they have “internet specials”. There is a printable $10 discount coupon on this page.

catsnip mobile unit

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An example of the Catsnip schedule is set out below – there are in fact 16 locations to choose from:

Jan 21- Canton Vaccine Clinic
Jan 24- Buford
Jan 25- Canton mapped below
Jan 26- Peachtree City
Jan 27- Cartersville
Jan 28- Gwinnett Vaccine Clinic
Jan 31- Sandy Springs

View Larger Map

The 16 locations where the mobile stops encircle Atlanta (listed alphabetically here:

Peachtree City
Sandy Springs

The customer selects a location and date online, reads their instructions and honors the booking! Simple stuff and very convenient as the mobile unit comes to the customer.

In addition to neutering by an experienced veterinarian the service includes, free examination, pain relief and nail trim..yeh, they trim nails. Does that mean that they are against declawing, one of my pet hates? I hope so.

Click on the link to make a reservation online.

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Feb 03, 2011 Excellent!
by: Dorothy

This is what I love to hear. Go Georgia!


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