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  1. An image of a cat was once a common type of Russian prison tattoo 🙂 There were strict regulations governing the wearing of various such tattoos.

  2. I know just the place to get that wreath Ruth LOL. But back to the subject I hate tattoos, good luck to anyone who wants them but I fail to see the point of having a picture drilled into your skin, stuck in the dark ages on this one like my old dad, I think they look bad on women especially (well the ones that show anyway) and wonder what will happen when today’s youth gets old and wrinkly and all those tatts start sagging nastily amidst the wrinkles and bingo wings. I love cats and I love pictures of cats but no way would I want on embedded on my backside 🙂

  3. I love them but I wouldn’t ever have a tattoo myself because of a promise I made years ago to our late dad.
    He was a tattoo artist and although our brother had many, neither our late mother nor Barbara or I did, because being of the old fashioned school he didn’t think women should wear tattooos and made us promise never to have one.
    Having seen toughie type grown men faint at the sight of the needle or after the job was done, I didn’t take much convincing lol
    He did all his own designs and some were wild cats, I love to see tattooos, but as I will never have one and love cats so much I’ve left in my wishes a cat shaped floral wreathe for my coffin.

  4. Nice “Cattoo’s”. Tattoo’s are becoming popular especially the “Temporary Tattoo’s” that are removable, a sign of fashion and a statement .I myself have 3 permanent tattoo’s on my body, all nature tattoo’s, the first tattoo of the snake done about 2 decades ago.On my back have the tattoo of a Snake and a eagle while the the “Pisecean Star sign” of fishes is on my belly.Would have liked to add a “Cattoo” but then 3 tattoo’s on a body is enough of body art.

      • I have a tattoo which I had done in Kerala many years ago. I think they are great. They can be disastrous but only for people who make the wrong choices. I have no problem with them at all. I’d gladly have a tattoo of Red done. I know if it were done well and tastefully that I would never be sorry I did it. It’s a character thing. Some people just can’t do it. Others can.

  5. WOW…..those are nice looking tats. I dare not show this to my dear, little British friend. She will want one. She has had one on her backside for almost 30 years.

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