Catty life the will never be…

Catty life the will never be…

by annie bounchaleun

My family wanted a cat so bad that when our mom’s friend was giving away cats we took one that was only 7 weeks old. After, that we went to buy cat supplies and he was naughty and didn’t want to stay still so we took him and put him in his box. Then, we came home and washed him and played with him. The minute we took him he liked us and his sister (we took 2). After, some weeks about 2 or 1, we gave his sister back because Catty our Maine Coon boy cat always fought each other. We took care with him and every time we ran he would run too and attack us. 6 months has passed and he had already found 2 or 3 girlfriends and one look like him that. It has been 2 months he had not come back. We know what happened after we saw him on the street next to my house/road. We think that someone thought he was no ones (he had a collar!!) so they took him. They must’ve let him play outside, but since he was used to our house he knew where to go. Just to let you know he was not afraid of CARS!!!

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