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  1. I agree that cats aren’t dogs, and I love that about them. Some cats can walk on a leash which if that’s the only way they can get out, then fine. A neighbor of mine walked his daughter’s Bengal for a year, every day, and they had few incidents. The cat never fought the harness and loved her walks, but occasionally if she got out without it on, she’d be a little adventurous, but once picked up she was fine. Hey, she’s a cat.

  2. Not so sure Mr Grimm/Graham actually has cats.

    You cannot treat cats like dogs, they are different species, have 100% different psychologies, their only shared aspect is domestication

    He seems not to understand how cats behave when allowed free, off leash time outdoors. Yeah right, clap your hands, make a big noise when your cat stalks. He will either be ignored by the cat or his cat will run away, possibly under a vehicle. *eye roll*

    I’m with Sandra about harnesses. The velcro ones often have a second broad clasp strap for extra security. A cat does not have the relative muscle mass on neck or chest to be comfortable in a thin harness, even dogs prefer thicker padded harnesses and collars. There are cat harnesses that have large chest areas, soft, wide, padded side and back areas and are absolutely nothing like a Thundershirt.

    A Thundershirt is based on active, whole body compression. This is what can calm them. It is not based on any submissive kitten response. Cats lie down often when they are first wearing one as they are confused. They have to learn to walk in them, whole trunk compression is psychologically and physically quite powerful.

    If a cat does not learn or is not happy to move about wearing one, indoors, then you should remove them immediately. Not all cats find them helpful. Harnesses for walking are different and neither should hinder movement.

    I’ve rehabbed injured outdoor cats using padded cat harnesses. It is essential to have a long (min 6ft long, not retractable) tape line or leash, and never allow the cat to be further away from you than you can reach upwards. A cat who jumps eight feet up a tree whilst attached to a leash, is in danger if you cannot retrieve it.

    Cats need to be aclimatised to wearing and walking on a harness, it is a slow gentle process.

    It is also essential to take them out somewhere quiet where they won’t be confronted by dogs, people, vehicles, lots of noise.

    I think Mr G needs to visit a veterinary practice where someone can identify exactly which species he has.

  3. Michael, I disagree that the halter should cover a “minimum” amount of the body of a cat. Dog halters made with straps are easy for a cat to escape from, whereas the fabric halters with Velcro fasteners are more comfortable, and not easy to escape from.

    It would be great to hear personal stories from cat guardians, and the kind of halter they’ve used that worked, and those that didn’t work. I just emailed you my personal experience with Mitzy, with pictures.

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