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Caught on video: Cat stolen from her property near Newberg, Oregon — 13 Comments

    • There are laws against stealing and stealing a cat is the same in law as stealing a car or anything else. Thanks for commenting.

      • That’s embarrassing, I know there are laws against theft of property. I meant that the local laws would have to include cats. I don’t suppose having law enforcement involved would better the odds of finding the cat. It should, but…
        Anyhow, use whatever potential help available.

        • There are laws in every state against illegal trespass. Meaning you cannot willingly let your property remain on another’s property–be it your car that rolled off of your property onto your neighbor’s, your shed that got moved during a storm, or even your pet that you willingly allowed to trespass on another’s land and refuse to rectify and prevent it from happening again. This gives the trespassed property owner, whose land is being trespassed, every legal right in the world to dispose of your property in any manner that they see fit. You have ZERO rights to use another’s property for your own use for any reason. Even the movie/entertainment industry knows this and must even pay all property owners for any images of someone’s property that might be used in a movie–but only if the property owner signs an agreement to accept payment for the visual-rights to another’s property. Without a written contract the movie-maker must move their stage-set to other scenery where they can get a signed contract to use the view of another’s property for their own use.

          Of course, this flies in the face of the psychotic, delusional, uneducated, and wishful-thinking beliefs of many. (You know who you are.)

          • T. Gibbs, you are completely incorrect on this. The law of trespass does not in any way relate to cats. And also, the law of trespass is not a criminal matter. It is a civil matter. The only way you can deal with a cat going on to another person’s property is to sue in the tort of nuisance and such proceedings would normally fail. Also you cannot dispose a cat if it is on your property without permission. You are talking pure rubbish or living in a country with no animal welfare rights such as China. Are you Chinese?

            Could you please produce to me, chapter and verse, the law which states that a cat trespassing on another person’s property breaks the law?

          • This cat was on her own property. Since animals are considered property and the person who drove the car onto the property was trespassing on said property then stole personal property that person is guilty of theft. Depending on the dollar amount the cat was worth will determine whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony.

            You really need to get some help because you aren’t even commenting on the topic in the article.

              • It’s not that he’s boring. It’s that he brings up things that are totally off the topic and he’s more likely than not WRONG!

  1. Sadly no, I’m not kidding. There is no law against taking cats in Oregon. Only dogs. I was told by the police that my only option against our stolen kittens was to sue the people who took them.

  2. Please check meow village. They stole my mother’s cats. The police were no use. Its legal to steal cats in Oregon.

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